Sir Rana Is Brought Back To Train Durga. My Daughter Durga Tuesday, 18 January 2022: Episode 120-121


The Episode started with Durga catching Sanjay and the students laughed. Durga asked Sanjay to touch her feet. He said I am Sanjay Prince, I was coming to you, I remember my promise. Sanjay saw Aarti. He sat to tie his shoe lace and touched Durga’s feet and he run. Durga said someone is going to come who will throw your cheat out. The Principal said you surely come, I will inform the trustee.

Madhav made arrangements for Amrita. Amrita made a planting to show Madhav. He turned off the fire by his hand. She was shocked and went to help. She poured water on it and blew off the fire. She asked can’t he take care of himself. He stopped her from saying anything else. He said you refused to come with me for coffee, tea plan also flopped, I thought to have tea here in the office.

She said sorry, Durga took me, don’t feel bad, she is good at heart. He said I know, she is little but naughty, this will be fine, what about tea, you have to come with me somewhere, we will have tea and talk. She said yes, I will come, you have to ask Yashpal. He asked really, fine I will ask Yashpal. She said you ask Yashpal first and he agreed.

Durga practiced. Neelkant asked why is she coming suddenly. Principal said I don’t know and the Minister arrived. She said I came to a nearby school for inspection, I have to ask about Rajveer, he was removed from the school. Neelkant complained about Rajveer, what at all did he, he started class late for a particular student and misbehaved with a teacher. She asked did you remove sports teacher before important event without any proof, you did partiality with them, I will talk to the students, we won’t judge him by one day incident, can I meet the students. They asked her to come.

She addressed the students and asked about Rajveer. Durga and all the kids raised thier hand in favor of Rajveer. Durga smiled and thinks now none can stop Rajveer from coming back to the school.

Yashpal got the shoe and thinks whose shoe is this. Bantu said I can’t tell Durga’s truth, but can show the truth to Yashpal. Yashpal asked Bantu is this his shoe. Bantu said no, it’s not mine. Sheela said Shilpa and Amrita don’t wear such shoes, is it Madhav’s shoes. Dadi said its kids’ shoe. Yashpal said Durga is not related to sports.

Sheela said don’t know what Durga does in her school. Yashpal said we will ask Durga and Bantu smiled. The Principal told Rajveer that his innocence is proved, all charges are dropped, he is given the letter to join the school immediately. Rajveer asked who has reopened the case. Principal said minister Nandini. Rajveer and Nandini were shocked seeing each other. She said it’s my job to do any wrong thing right.

Neelkant said I hope you prove her decision right. She thanked them and left. Rajveer stopped her. Nandini said I got to know you were removed from the school, your well wisher informed me, I spoke to the kids, they all raised hand in your favor, I am just doing my work and she left. Durga went to Rajveer.

She asked why did they call you. He said you are asking as if you don’t know. He said yes, they wanted some tips about sports. She asked did they call you back to school. He said you have to work hard, you come to practice tomorrow in the school ground. She was glad and he thanked her. She said it’s fine and run.

Madhav told about arts and crafts exhibition, if Amrita comes along… Yashpal looked on. Durga said this is my shoes. Yashpal asked are you running in the race. She said yes and he was shocked.


The Episode started with Durga coming home. Yashpal asked her is this shoes yours. She thinks she can’t lie and prayed. She said yes, it’s my shoes, the school gave me this shoes. He asked do you run, tell me clearly. She said yes. He scolded her and said you told me you will never run. She said yes, I told you, but…. He said you broke my promise.

A Neighbor lady came to take sugar. She said you should be proud of Durga, you are scolding her, she thinks of others than herself, she runs to school from bus stop, she doesn’t let me drop her, she runs so soon, she thinks for you a lot. Durga cried. Lady said kids these days are like Bantu, useless. Sheela argued with her.

Yashpal felt bad and blessed Durga. He said you don’t need to run now. Bantu thinks the lady ruined my plan. Annapurna gave sugar to the lady and Durga thanked the Lord. Yashpal said you focus on studies well. Durga said sure and he left. Durga said I am doing this for marks. She saw Bantu, pulled his ear and she scolded him.

Madhav saw Amrita and smiled. He went to Yashpal. Durga thinks he went to Yashpal to lessen the rent. He told him about the exhibition, I want to keep Amrita’s art there, it’s good, I think Amrita should come along, she will earn a name and Yashpal agreed. Madhav was glad. Shilpa thinks Amrita makes paintings and get a chance to stay with Madhav, I will make better painting, then he will take me along. Yashpal said if Amrita gets courage by this, then fine take her along and Madhav thanked him.

Yashpal said tell me when you will go and come. Amrita thinks Madhav really convinced dad. Madhav went upstairs and saw her. Shilpa made a painting and kissed it. She thinks Madhav will like it. Rajveer trained the students and Durga came there. He asked her not to be late and she smiled. He said I am serious. She said you came to school after a long time.

He asked her to go and warm up. He asked Aarti to increase her fitness, don’t give up, you can become next year champion. Durga said I helped you and you are scolding me. Rajveer said all this outside school, all students are the same, you have race with Kuljit, she is ready to make you lose.

Shilpa showed the painting to Madhav and said I was busy in studies and did not continue painting. He was shocked seeing her kiddish painting. She asked him how did he like it. He smiled and said you have to learn english and painting too, we will keep your art exhibition after some years, till then practice and he left.

Annapurna fed curd to Amrita. Yashpal asked Amrita not to trust anyone, take care. Madhav greeted them and asked Amrita to come. Yashpal said Madhav… Madhav said don’t worry, I will get her home on time. Yashpal asked her to make a call. Madhav and Amrita left. Shilpa asked Sheela to see, no one is stopping them, I will be left behind. Shilpa said no, see what I do.

Rajveer gave tips and explained to Durga about the important things to run in the race. Durga said I thought we just have to run. He asked her to focus on the finishing line. She asked do I have to study in running also. He said yes, you have to practice, just winner gets grace marks, you have to make Kuljit lose. Aarti looked on and thinks Durga got me out of the competition, I won’t let her run.

Durga dropped the candy. She gets shocked seeing…. Madhav said I have to tell you something Amrita…..Read more

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