My Daughter Durga Tuesday, 31 May 2022: Episode 305-306


The Episode started with Durga coming to Aarti’s house but the Guard stopped her. She argued with him and went in. She shouted SP and Aarti’s dad came there.

She then asked him about Sanjay but he just asked her to leave. She threatened him and asked about SP again. He said I can kill you right now, don’t dare me, SP came here, but he left a while ago. She thinks he doesn’t know about SP.

He showed her the house model and said your house will break and she left. She worried and called Sanjay. She then called his friends to ask. She thinks of where to find him. She answered his friend’s call, who told her about Sanjay’s car, it was near the farmhouse. She thanked him and rushed.

Annapurna asked Yashpal why is he worried. He said I met that man. She asked who. He said that night….. She dropped the milk glass and was shocked. He said I am feeling scared, he may come back to our house and she cried.

Durga saw Sanjay’s car damaged and looked for him. She worried and went to watch the farmhouse. She saw someone at the window and thinks is that SP. She entered the farmhouse and became scared. She then called him out and hr dupatta caught fire and she went upstairs.

She became shocked seeing him with Aarti. She recalled her marriage and cried. Sanjay said I get peace when I am with you, I can’t tolerate Durga anymore. He hugged her and said I want to get rid of Durga, I want to start a new life with you once I divorce Durga.

Aarti said even I can’t wait for that day, our relation is bigger than husband and wife’s relation, what if we didn’t get married, just divorce Durga soon, then we will not need to meet secretly like this. He said I will throw out Durga from my life soon and Durga cried. Aarti then got close to Sanjay.

She sat crying, while her dupatta burnt off. Sanjay and Aarti left. Sanjay lifted Aarti and went downstairs. Durga cried and left. Sanjay then came home. Gayatri asked are you fine and he said yes. She said Durga hasn’t come till now and he recalled Aarti. He asked did Durga not come back. She said yes, she is not in her room.

Durga cried and fainted on the road. Some men got her and. Yashpal scolded the man. The man then blackmailed and asked for money.


The Episode started with Durga walking on the road and crying. She thinks of Sanjay and Aarti. She thinks of her marriage and moments with Sanjay. She became dizzy, fainted and got hurt. Some men saw her and commented on her beauty.

Sanjay came and stopped the man from touching Durga. He beats the men and they run away. Sanjay held Durga and she asked why, why did you do this. He saw her forehead bleeding and cried. He then lifted and took her away.

Brij asked Dadi where did her hearing machine go. A stranger came home and said I know you all well. Brij said who are you, whom do you want to meet. The man said don’t feel bad, I am Yashpal’s old friend. Dadi said you should have told us, come and they served him snacks. Yashpal and Annapurna came there and was shocked seeing the man.

Sanjay took care of Durga and felt sad. Gayatri came and scolded Durga for staying out at that time of the night. Durga argued and told her about Sanjay’s nightstay. Gayatri raised her hand on Durga. Durga held her hand and asked her to know about Sanjay’s deeds first and she taunted Gayatri. Sanjay asked her to stop.

Durga said I will not tolerate this, we are married, how did you forget this, you cheated me, even then I kept this relation, just because you were leaving in a misunderstanding, you never loved me, you don’t deserve my love. He said your status is not such to match with me, I don’t want to talk about this, I have to talk to Aarti.

Yashpal took the man aside and scolded him. The man said you know why I came here, I have your secret, arrange the money for me. Yashpal asked are you threatening me and he saw Annapurna there. Durga said you can’t go like this, I am your wife, I have a right to ask your answer.

He said this marriage is just a drama for me. She said fine, you want to live with Aarti, you are free from this marriage and she took the divorce papers. She said I will always have your sindoor in my maang and she thinks of their marriage.

She gave him the sindoor box. She cried and said I loved you so much, you didn’t care for my love and this marriage, no woman can bear her husband’s affair, you are not the one I loved. He smiled and thinks of making a plan with Gayatri and Aarti, so that Durga asked for divorce and he can force her to speak out the truth.

Annapurna got worried for Durga. Yashpal asked her not to say anything, anyone can hear them. Sanay got Aarti home and said she will stay with us and Durga became angry.

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