Durga To Beat Kuljit In The Final Race. My Daughter Durga Wednesday, 12 January 2022: Episode 112-113


The Episode started with everyone asking Madhav about the idols. The officer scolded Madhav. Billu came and acted, saying it’s a fraud with villagers, he showed us fake idol and took our hardearned money, we want our money back. The people got angry at Madhav. Amrita worried. Billu insulted Madhav and said we should blacken his face. The man got black ink and went to blacken Madhav’s face. Amrita cried and run. She pushed the man and stood in front of Madhav.

Yashpal opened the box and was shocked seeing the idol. Durga recalled keeping the notebook. Her friend asked her to start writing the project. Durga said I won’t do it again, I will find the book, when will I practice for the race and they looked for the book. Sanjay had the book and smiled, thinking Durga will fall to his feet.

Billu said this girl is supporting Madhav. They all moved Amrita. The man went to blacken Madhav’s face and Billu smiled. Officer stopped the man and gave him some time to Madhav to get the real idol back, else he will do a police complaint to get the real idol. Billu said but he is thief.

The teacher complained to the principal about Durga. Durga said someone has stolen my book. The teacher asked her not to make excuse. Durga said I completed my project. Principal said you have no proof. Teacher said I want that project completed, else she should not participate in the competition. Sanjay and Aarti heard this and smiled. Durga worried.

Billu taunted Madhav. Madhav raised his hand. Billu asked him to go to jail and show his attitude there. He told Madhav that he has taken revenge on him.

Madhav said you are still a coward, let’s see who goes to jail and Billu left. Madhav asked Amrita why did she tell Annapurna. Amrita said but she did not tell anyone. He said I know, but maybe someone heard, who told the media and the villagers, Amrita you don’t know it can be a big problem. Yashpal came there with the box. Madhav said I was going to jail, I will lose my job, how shall I find that idol. Yashpal thinks to give the idol to Madhav and solve the matter and his phone rang.

The man said I have gotten to the village, meet me with the jewelry box, I will give you money. Yashpal thinks will it be right to hide this truth from Madhav. He said what am I thinking, I have to give this idol to Madhav, I can’t steal. He saw a book there and thinks Durga got admission in a good school and he turned to go. Madhav saw Yashpal and said you are here, do you have any work.

Yashpal said this box has my friend’s belongings, what talk was going on. Amrita said something important about the workshop and Yashpal left. Durga run and met Rajveer. She thinks not to tell him about the project problem, she can solve this. He asked her not to worry for her speed, she will run faster. He showed her friend, a tyre. She asked him to think she is a little girl, this will be heavy. He said your legs will have more stamina by this.

Madhav said I did not get the idol, trust me, I did not steal the idol. Amrita asked them to give some more time to find the idol. The Inspector scolded Madhav for spoiling the village’s name and arrested him. Durga run. Rajveer encouraged her. Durga fell on the finishing line and Rajveer was glad. He signalled her thumbs up and she smiled.

Durga saw Yashpal with the box and thinks why is he worried. Madhav was arrested. Yashpal gave the box and took money.


The Episode started with the police arresting Madhav. Amrita tried to stop them. Durga thinks is everything fine, dad looked worried. Yashpal thinks he has to do this for Durga’s sake and he left. He took lift from someone and went to the place. Billu and his man waited for Yashpal. Yashpal met them and gave the box, he then asked for money. The man gave him money,Yashpal thanked him and left. Billu checked the box and did not see the idol and rather saw toys inside.

The goon angrily hits Yashpal and made the money fall off his hand. Yashpal said the things are inside the box, why did you beat me, I have kept your belongings safe. Billu asked him to say the truth. Yashpal said I got the box as it was, I did not see the things. The man said he is lying. Yashpal said why are you lying. Billu shouted there was idol inside, which I have stolen from the workshop. Yashpal asked which idol, it had jewelry, would I not know if there was idol, I don’t believe this.

Billu said I have kept that in the box, where did the idol go. Yashpal said I don’t know anything, you tell him what you did with the idol. Billu took hockey stick and beats Yashpal. Someone came and held the stick. Madhav removed the helmet and showed his face. Billu was shocked. He beats Billu and his men. The Police came there. Amrita came and slapped Billu.

Yashpal recalled hearing Madhav. He said I can’t cheat to fulfill my needs, my honesty and respect are everything for me. He showed the idol to Madhav and Amrita. Yashpal told everything to Madhav. He said I did not had money to pay Durga’s fees, it’s my mistake, I agree, I can go to jail for this. Madhav said why will you go to jail, you did not do anything wrong, one who did this will go to jail, just bless me, I will manage everything. The Police caught Billu and Madhav scolded him. Yashpal said this phone has his crime recorded. Madhav recalled telling the inspector to give him a chance to catch the culprit. Amrita said we are decent people, if you support us, we can show courage again and the Inspector agreed.

Inspector freed Madhav from all blames and praised him for his plan. Yashpal thanked Madhav for trusting him. Madhav said I should thank you. Amrita smiled. Sheela saw mangos and sat to eat. Dadi asked her not to eat, it’s her fast. Durga massaged Dadi’s legs. She asked Dadi not to make someone admit his lie. Dadi told her.

Dadi took the mangoes from Sheela. Dadi said thief can come out on own by fear. Durga thinks about fear and smiled. Yashpal, Madhav and Amrita came home. Amrita smiled. Yashpal saw Durga sleeping. Everyone saw the news about Madhav and Amrita, who found the stolen idol and also got the culprit arrested. Annapurna and everyone smiled. Annapurna asked Bantu to give food to Madhav. Amrita said I will give food to Madhav. Shilpa was upset. Yashpal cried and said forgive me, I can’t pay your fees, don’t take tension, I will come to your school, there will be some way.

Madhav held Amrita’s hand. Durga said I know about my copy. Sanjay and Aarti heard them. Yashpal went to pay Durga’s fees. The man said she is our school’s running champion. Yashpal was shocked.

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