My Daughter Durga Wednesday, 3 November 2021: Episode 13-14


My Daughter Durga Wednesday, 3 November 2021 Episode started with Durga and her friends running to see Baba bawandar. Baba bawandar’s devotees cheer for him. The lady praised Baba bawandar. He told the ladies some remedies. Durga and her friends were surprised.

The boy said Durga, he can make your maths ghost away, come we will seek help from him. The guard stopped them and asked them to give them 500rs for ticket, baba can make any ghost leave. Durga had no money and was worried.

Yashpal asked Annapurna why is she worried, I have money, I saved some money, I knew it was marriage time and there will be expenses. Annapurna said I was tensed seeing Dulaari, everything went fine. He said it’s good she doesn’t want us to spend more money, this alliance is good. He payed for Durga’s tuition class.

Yashpal went to look for a coaching centre. He asked, is there any coaching centre here?. The man asked is this your age to study, go home. Yashpal said no, I am asking for my daughter.

The man said why do you educate a daughter, go home. Yashpal said leave it, I shall go now. The man showed him the directions. Yashpal apologized and went ahead.

Durga said we don’t have even 5 rs, how will we get 500rs, let us go, please, I have to pass in maths. The man said no. The boy asked him to please allow Durga. The kids insisted.

The coaching centre guy told Yashpal that Saraswati Sir was busy taking a class, tell me in which subject is your daughter weak. Yashpal said she studies well, she is just poor in maths. The man said her classmate Shweta studied here and got full marks, next year even your daughter’s pic will be here.

Yashpal said thanks, they are rich, but I…. The man said just give 550rs, we will take Durga’s exam and know how much she knows, if we passes, then she will get admitted. Yashpal asked just 550rs. The man said yes. Yashpal gave him the money. The man asked him to fill the form. Yashpal was much glad and thanked him.

Durga and her friends think of arranging money. They told her about Yashpal coming. She thinks to reach home before Yashpal, else he will scold her. She run through the short lanes and got to the terrace way to get home first. Yashpal came home. Durga sat studying. Yashpal saw her. He said I have some work and asked Durga to come.

Shilpa hid the snacks and asked when did you come. He said just now. Shilpa run to her mum’s house and gave them the snacks. Shilpa told Sheela, when we get anything good, they come smelling it. Sheela ate the snacks and said once Amrita marries, everything will get fine, no one should know that I know Dulaari.

Shilpa asked her to find a nice guy for her also. Sheela said you should look educated, and win husband’s heart by making good food. Yashpal showed her the coaching centre form and told her that it came for 550rs. Durga asked why did he get a costly form.

He said just keep my respect by studying well, don’t think of all this and Durga left. Annapurna said Durga will pass, is this necessary. He said yes, she has to get good marks, then she will make our name shine.

She said you said you just have 600rs. He said what did I do, I forgot that I kept money for Amrita. She asked what will happen now. Durga went and talked to her friends. She said how will I pass in last year exam questions, I don’t even have books, how will I write exam. Her friends said, we also don’t have the books.

Durga thinks just one person can help me now. She went to the junk paper buyer and asked the guy to help her and give a book to her for studying, else I will fail in exam. The man said I don’t remember which book you are talking book, leave from here. They became sad.

Annapurna found money everywhere in her room. She did not get any and sat crying. Amrita asked what happened. Annapurna said Yashpal forgot about the saving money and spent it on Durga’s coaching fees, how will we get sweets now. Amrita thinks when one way closes, other one opens.

Durga said we have to make baba ji find a solution for us. Her friend asked Durga to come with them. Amrita thinks how to call Rishi at this time and she dropped the phone. Coach said I have seen that girl, but did not get her.


The Episode started with Durga and her friends getting sad. The junk seller looked at them and asked them to check the books themselves. Durga thanked him. They all check for the last year maths book. Durga said it’s a library here, how will we find books. Yashpal called someone and could not connect.

Annapurna and Amrita shared the work and relieve him of tensions. Durga heard baba bawandar and run out. The boy said that baba bawandar said he will sort all problems, I am sure he can surely solve your maths problem. Durga said then I will do anything to meet baba.

Yashpal’s spec fell. He picked it and wore. Amrita said it’s damaged, your eye power will increase, change this specs. Yashpal asked when we get old, would I change ourselves, old thing or relation should be kept safe, where is Durga.

Amrita said she went to prepare for her exam. He said she should get admission in coaching. Durga was with her friends. Her friend explained to her. She said I have to meet baba ji, how do i get money. The boy asked does anyone ask much money from kids. He got an idea to do what Lord Indra did with Kans.

Durga asked what, tell us. Bansi said when Kans was having a bath, Lord Indra asked for Kawach, Kans was helpless and agreed to him. The other boy said Kans gave Kawach as he had a big heart, anyways your idea is right. Durga said it means we have to…

Bansi said we have to make him helpless. The boy said Baba ji will bath before satsang. She asked how will I come early in the morning. They said we will come back soon.

Amrita thinks of Rishi and smiled. Durga asked Annapurna what are you doing. Annapurna told her about Amrita’s rasam. Durga said everyone will enjoy except me. Annapurna said Yashpal asked you to stay away from the rasams because of your exam, if you pass, you will not go Bhiwani, I will include you in the marriage. Durga became glad. She asked for Amrita.

Amrita thinks of calling Rishi. She thinks of him. She called Rishi. He was with Dulaari and ended the call. Dulaari asked whose call was it. He said no one’s. She asked him to say whose call was it. Amrita said what will we think I called at night.

She got Rishi’s message and said he is also missing me, it’s written in english, how shall I read it. She cried and said if I could study, I would have read this. Shilpa came and read the message. She teased Amrita and asked why are you crying.

Amrita said Rishi wrote the message in english. Shilpa said so what, I am educated, just get golgappas for me. She read message for Amrita and Amrita smiled.

Shilpa asked her to send a reply, else he will feel bad. Amrita asked her to write anything. Shilpa asked shall I write I love you. Amrita said no. Shilpa said when we don’t understand anything, we should send two teeth. Amrita asked what. Shilpa said smiley.

Rishi got smiley and smiled. Shilpa said I will train you, wear high heels and get a guy in hand. Durga came and said Amrita has sense to win a guy’s heart. Shilpa argued. Amrita stopped them from fighting and Shilpa left.

Amrita asked Durga about her exam preparation. Durga said I did. Amrita said dad has seen many dreams, just pass tomorrow.

Durga’s friends reached her home at night and woke her up asking her to come fast. Durga asked them to wait and run back. She went to Yashpal and said I will not let your head bow down, I will get baba ji’s blessing. She took Yashpal’s blessings and run.

Coach thinks of Durga. He trained the kids. He showed the kids’ timing to a guy and said if this kid ran fast, I would have sent him into the olympic. The guy said you changed 4 schools and did not get any champion.

Coach explained that these boys are like stones and need much push, girls are like feather, and need just some air, I did not get anyone, but had seen her, the girl talking to the wind. Durga and her friends reached baba bawandar’s place.

Baba bawandar went to bath. He was locked. Yashpal went to see Durga.


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