My Daughter Durga Wednesday, 8 June 2021: Episode 317-318



The Episode started with Durga worrying for Umang and shouting. Aarti’s dad said it will be better if Sanjay’s plan works. Aarti said I can’t bear any defeat, I will make sure that nothing wrong happens. Sanjay and Durga looked for Umang. Sanjay asked her to learn how to fulfil responsibilities and Yashpal came there. Durga cried and said Umang…

.He said we will get him. Durga said Amrita… he said we won’t tell her. Amrita looked on and scolded Durga. Yashpal said we will get him. Amrita asked Durga would she be careless if this happened with her son. Durga then saw Umang going towards the edge and Durga and Sanjay ran to save him.

Umang got on the railing to catch a plane. Durga held him and Sanjay also held her. She asked Umang ifis fine. Amrita took Umang and asked Durga not to do any drama. She scolded Durga and left. Yashpal said Amrita reacted like that because of tension, don’t worry and she got a call. She told Yashpal that she has to go, the sports association has a meeting, tell Amrita that she didn’t do this intentionally and Yashpal asked her to go.

Amrita spoke against Durga and Umang said it’s not Durga’s mistake. Yashpal came home and asked Amrita not to speak like that. Amrita said you know what happened with Umang but Yashpal defended Durga. She said it’s not necessary that Durga is always right, it’s the limit, I can’t risk my child for Durga and she started speaking rudely.

Durga came for the meeting and man said we have called you urgently, so that you can meet our new chief. Sanjay came there and Durga became shocked and Aarti smiled. Yashpal tried to explain things Amrita. She said Durga is not ours, you picked her from the junk and they all became shocked. Annapurna asked her to stop it but continued to argue.

Durga thinks how did Sanjay become the chief. Sanjay asked them to stay in thier limits. He asked Durga to call him Sir, she should understand his position. She said Sir… He said you need to know my authorities, I can stop you from running in the race and I can forgive you, don’t act smart, sports association shouldn’t lose it’s name. He asked Durga not to get into any drugs case again.

Amrita threw the pics and said you have kept Durga’s memories, what about my memories, am I not your daughter, you are doing everything for Durga. She cried and asked for her rights. He said I tried to educate you, but you didn’t study.

She said I wish you got me educated, did you see my son’s life, did you find my husband Madhav, you know I am living with this hope, you don’t care about me, you won’t see Durga’s mistake, I am an outsider for you and they cried.

Durga defended herself. She said I have exposed the culprits who trapped me in the drugs’ case, I can play the CD here, your known people were involved. He asked them to pass the medical tests. He wished them all the best for the race and he smiled.

Durga said I won’t make any wrong confession, your parents cheated me. Sanjay said forget your race, you are out. Doctor said it’s written that you have backache. She said I am an athlete and the Doctor said athlete’s test is not happening here.


The Episode started with Sanjay and Durga arguing. She said I won’t accept any fake confession, your parents have really trapped me. He said forget that you have any race now, you are out, get lost. She went out and saw Aarti and her dad. Yashpal tried telling Amrita that he loves her equally.

Annapurna asked Amrita how can she think this. Amrita tore the pics and left. Yashpal said she is saying this from a bitter heart, but she loves her sister a lot, her heart is hurt. Durga called Rajveer and said SP has become the chief, he is creating hurdles.

He asked her to go for the medical test and she checked the paper. Sanjay came and took the paper. She asked him to give it back to her but he placed the paper in the fan and tore it. She cried and picked the pieces. He said you can’t win over me. She then tried to join the pieces.

Aarti came and asked are you here, I was looking for you. She looked at Durga and said a test doesn’t happen without any test paper and she made Durga angry. Durga thinks of how to arrange the paper, Aarti had that paper, if I can get that paper, I can know the test centre. Rajveer told Yashpal that SP has become the sports authority chief. Yashpal and Annapurna became shocked.

Yashpal said how did this happen. Rajveer said he used his contacts and power. Yashpal said then he will trouble Durga, I will go and see. Rajveer asked him not to go, Durga will manage. Yashpal said fine, I will go with Durga for the tests.

I won’t let any problem come in between. Amrita broke a gullakh,she then scolded Umang and took him along. Annapurna said Amrita is getting angry at Durga. Yashpal said I know how to make her fine.

Sanjay was taking care of Aarti and saw Durga hiding. Aarti asked Sanjay to feed her. Durga went to pick the papers. Sanjay asked Aarti to stay fit, it’s important and they danced. Durga took pics of them and said amazing pics.

I was taking your pics, now I have proof against you, give me the medical test papers else… Aarti then asked him to give her the papers. Sanjay said she is just threatening us. Durga said fine, I will make it true. He stopped her and gave her the paper. She read the test centre name and timings.

He asked where are the pics. She said I was just taking selfies, I was trapping you. He became angry and she left. Aarti laughed and said you are so great, you have fooled her so easily, I am impressed. He said Durga is happy, she doesn’t know I played a game with her, my plan will begin now, I will not let her get clearance in the test, she can’t run in the race.

Durga told the test centre name to Rajveer. SP called and changed the test centre for Durga. Yashpal became shocked and rushed. Amrita felt sad.