My Desire 10 May 2023 Update On Wednesday

My desire for the Star Life Wednesday, May 10, 2023 update: Revati accepts all of Yuvraj’s crimes. He reviews Revati meeting him and telling that she realizes all his wrongdoing records and offering him to safeguard him from going to prison as she is Delhi’s police chief. He inquires as to why she is favoring him.

She says she really wants something consequently. He says he doesn’t have cash or anything to give her. She says she did a few violations to kill Khurana family and he needs to educate in front regarding Khuranas and assume all her fault him.

He claims that Rudra will kill him just as he did Rajeev, Rudra’s brother. She claims that she will free him within six months. She tells him to get out of the car and that one road leads to the Khurana family and the other to the jail, so he should decide where he wants to go now. Yuvraj figures he ought to acknowledge her deal and have a free existence following a half year.

Yuvraj tells Rudra and Preesha in a flashback that he wanted to ruin their lives and will retaliate against Rudra for hitting him. Rudra hits him once more. Revati promises a severe punishment for Yuraj and asks Rudra to leave him. Preesha thinks why Yuvraj is lying when Revati did every one of the wrongdoings.

She approaches him and inquires about him. He claims that they both destroyed his life, so he committed all of those crimes to end theirs. He is taken by the police. Prees thinks Revati is extremely keen, she really wants to uncover her malicious goals to Rudra.

Preesha is blindfolded when Rudra takes her to their decorated room and falls for her. Because it’s important, she asks him to listen to her. He inquires about the event. She gets out anything that wrong happened to them till currently is.. She gets spewing and hurries to washroom. Rudra expresses concern and promises to call the doctor.

She says that’s fine because she must have inhaled toxic smoke and tries to say something when she vomits again and feels weak. Rudra lifts her and making her lie on the bed demands her to rest now. She rests. In the background, Yeh Hai Chahatein plays.

Next morning, Preesha awakens and peruses Aliya’s message that she is returning to her home. If Aliya goes there and rushes to Aliya’s room, she wonders how she will exert control over Revati. She tracks down Revati there and asks where is Aliya. Revati inquires whether she believes she will allow Aliya to use her own daughter against her. She claims that she sent Aliya back home. Preesha declares that she will reveal to Rudra her true intentions. Revati says she can’t figure what she can do and inquires as to whether she thinks Saransh is protected.

Preesha inquires about her interaction with Saransh. Revati shows a video of the fight between Saransh and Dev, with Dev falling from the terrace; claims that Rakesh gave her this video. Preesha says it’s wrong because Dev fell from a terrace onto marbles. Revati asks how she will prove it and threatens not to tell Rudra or anyone else about her crimes or she will have Saransh arrested for Dev’s murder.

Preesha claims to be acting improperly. Revati declares that she will do whatever she did to Dev and inquires if she did the right thing by burying his body. According to Preesha, Rudra will save Saransh. Revati asks who will now save this elderly man after watching GPS’s captivated video. Preesha claims that seducing an elderly man of her father’s age is cruel. Revati inquires about her family’s brutal treatment of my family and warns her once more not to tell anyone the truth or she will lose GPS.

Preesha grabs Revati’s phone and declares that she will immediately save her father and son. She then, at that point, swoons. Revati forces her to lie on the bed. Preesha awakens after a while. Preesha is greeted with joy by Revati, who remarks that she had stopped living prior to Dev’s passing, but not now. Preesha inquires about her situation. Revati displays Preesha’s pregnancy report and declares that she will bear the child because God has reincarnated Dev through Preesha. In exchange for Dev, she demands that Preesha give birth to a child. Preesha declines.

Preesha is assured by Revati that if she accepts her future child, she will not cause Saransh or Ruhi any harm. Preesha denies it and inquires if she is insane. Revati declares that Saransh’s baby is her Dev and threatens to kill GPS and imprison her if she does not give birth. Preesha considers informing Rudra of Revati’s crimes.

Revati realizes her thought and tells her not to tell her anything or she will lose her father and son. Preesha tightens up. Revati says she will remain with her for quite some time till the child is conceived and afterward remove it. She then, at that point, giggles on her and requests that she give the uplifting news of her pregnancy to her loved ones. Rudra enters and asks her what occurred.

GPS awakens to find himself tethered in an unknown location. Sharda inquires whether Saransh and Ruhi saw GPS. They deny. She rushes to him when she hears Rudra yelling happily. Rudra reveals that Preesha is expecting and that he is going to become a father once more. Hearing that also makes Sharda happy, and she asks Matarani to ensure the happiness of her family. Saransh additionally cheers saying he will get another sibling or sister.

Ruhi is depressed. Rudra and Preesha inquire as to why. According to Ruhi, no one will care about her because of the baby. Preesha claims that is not the case. Rudraksh is certain that Ruhi will adore her younger sibling, and he asserts that no one can replace her in their lives. Ruhi is persuaded, and she is happy.

GPS locates a landline but conceals it when it detects an approaching person. Revati strolls in and says he h as to remain there for a considerable length of time and can’t get away. She orders her comrades to re-tie GPS. Preesha will soon locate him, according to GPS. She figures Preesha won’t actually figure that he is in her home and leaves there. GPS believes that Preesha will undoubtedly locate him.

Preesha receives baby pictures from Rudraksh. Preesha requests that he outline them and wants to have a child Rudraksh. He tells her that he wasn’t with her when Ruhi was born, but this time he won’t miss anything and asks her to take care of herself. She tries to lie to him, assuming that Revati is not home. Preesha receives milk when Revati enters. Rudra thanks her.

Preesha figures she will discover a good method for telling Revati’s reality to Rudraksh. Preesha eventually composes a letter to Rudra that is unanimous and is mixed in with other letters. Ruhi leaves for the school, and Revati goes with her.

The letters should be given to Rudraksh by Preesha’s servant. Servant complies. Preesha believes that today, rudra will learn the truth about Revati. She receives a video call from Revati.

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