Nathalie Surprises Maila With A New Phone. The Way To Your Heart Tuesday, 8 February 2022

The episode begins with Onay’s mother advising her after refusing to lend the money to Maila for her phone, claiming she has no money and the one she has in her safe is for Rosemary. Mails is in her room hitting her phone and begging it to start working again. He heard a knock at the door. She went to open it and saw it was Grandpa Dante. He comes in and starts conversing with her. 

The next morning, Natalie meets Maila along the stairways and tells her she texted her the previous night but there was no reply from her, so she asked what the problem is. She tells her that she has a problem with her phone, it wasn’t functioning that’s why she didn’t reply to her text. 

Upon hearing this, Natalie reaches for her phone in her bag and gives Maila her old phone. Maila refuses to take it, but she tells her she won’t take No for an answer, she just wants her to accept it. Maila takes the phone, she jokingly tells her not to break it, Maila looks on, she tells her that it was just a joke. She should let her know if there is anything. 

Natalie bids her goodbye and goes.

 Onay is at home counting her money. She found her box missing and wondered who might have taken it. She remembers her mother talking about Maila’s phone. She then concluded it was Maila who has taken it. Maila is at the market with her new phone and taking selfies. Her mother gets into the house, and asks her where is the money for Rosemary? She has stolen the money to buy a new phone?

 Maila tells her the phone was given to her by a friend but Onay didn’t believe it. She beats and scolds her Infront of everyone at the market, she even throws meat to hit her, it was such an embarrassment. Natalie goes home and tells Helena that she has given her old phone to her friend. Helena thinks her friend is a gold digger, you gave her your old phone? Or is it because your friend wants your phone? But Natalie said Maila rejected it, she never accepted the gift but she forced it on her. 

Maila cries and asks Onay why she is always thinking of Rosemary? Why is she not willing to accept her as a child? Onay scolds her. Onay’s mother comes and asks her why she is embarrassing Maila again? She explains herself. Maila feels bitter that she is not getting love from her mother. Maila Leaves from there and goes home. She takes her guitar and plays it. 

She sings to the sorrowful tune longing that one day she will see love from her mother. Maila cries. Oliver is at home thinking of Maila, he looks worried. He was asked by his mother why he was looking so worried. He replies that he didn’t get the chance to ask her questions, he only heard her voice(speaking of Maila when she played the guitar), They teases him and said Oliver is in love, and soon is going to have a girlfriend. 

He tells her I think I am old enough to be in a relationship. She asks when the wedding is coming on? He replies that when it’s time she will be the first to know. Maila locks herself in the room. Onay and her grandma come knocking at the door. Her Grandma said sorry on behalf of her mother for what she did and asked that she open the door. 

Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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