Radha Mohan 21 May 2023 Update On Sunday

The Radha Mohan episode of May 21, 2023 opens with Mohan holding the Goddess Radha sculpture and declaring that he now believes Gungun has been lying and that Radha is actually in danger.

In the meantime, Kadambari, Gungun, Kekti, and Ajit become enraged as they observe this, and Kadambari is pleased to learn that Mohan has acknowledged this.

With tears in his eyes, Mohan shouts out Radha’s name, and Damini and Kaveri, hearing Mohan’s yell, drop their glasses in alarm.

Kaveri is perplexed as to what will transpire next as she looks at Damini because they are both terrified.

Damini shares Mohan’s dread and recalls his promise to find and save Radha.

While Gungun is crying, Mohan, who is holding the Goddess Radha sculpture, mutters about Radha’s whereabouts.

Mohan rushes to find Radha after securing the sculpture next to Lord Krishna.

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