Radha Mohan 26 February 2023 Written Update

The Radha Mohan episode from February 26, 2023 begins with Radha and Mohan performing lord Shiva’s pooja together while Gungun is happy to watch.

Kaveri lowers her eyes out of shame as Damini criticizes her for failing to steal the keys.

The hooded figure, on the other hand, sneaks into the Trivedi mansion with a present in hand and places it in Radha’s room without anyone noticing.

Radha is surprised to see the gift box on the bed when she enters the room, and she starts opening it suspiciously.

“Dabbe Ke Ander Dabba, Dabbe Ke Ander Raaz, Band Baxe Se Phir Se Poocho, Karo Parda Faash” (There is a box inside a box, and if you ask the closed box it will reveal truth) emerges from the large box as she opens it.

Radha quickly solves the riddle and mentions a safe that is concealed within the primary safe.

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