Rajjo 23 May 2023 Update On Tuesday

Vicky yelling at Arjun on Rajjo’s Starlife Tuesday, May 23, 2023 update. He claims that you already have a lover and want Rajjo as well; she is a friend from childhood who would become my wife. Arjun yells at him, “You are filthy, and you will not be tolerated in Rajjo’s life; get away.” Rajjo asks Vicky to move away. Arjun advises fleeing. Arjun is hit by Vicky. Rajjo and Arjun both fall.

Arjun holds her. He yells before punching Vicky. He no longer sees Mannu in front of him. Elders and Mannu arrive. Mannu inquires about the event. Rajjo says Vicky’s companions took care of me the liquor effectively. Mannu says I will converse with Vicky later, what is Arjun doing here. Vicky says Arjun is answerable for this.

Rajjo says liar. He says assuming that we had a few beverages, what’s up did we do, even rich individuals drink and have female companions, he is calling me characterless. Arjun says quit playing rich and unfortunate card. Vicky claims that she observed Arjun holding Rajjo by the waist as he attempted to transport her somewhere.

Rajjo says I need to go to Lucknow. He claims that he has no idea what he told her, that she wants to leave me, and that he has no idea what he did here. Arjun warns you to watch your language. Vicky is required to speak with Arjun, so Mannu asks Vicky to take Kaka out. Vicky leaves. He requests that Kaka explain to Arjun not to pursue Rajjo.

Mannu inquires as to why you came to disrupt Rajjo’s marriage. Arjun says that this person is rude. She claims that you know him. Arjun affirms that Rajjo was forcefully administered haldi by his friends. When Rajjo said yes, I got mad. Arjun says when I came here, he had made Rajjo stand on the vehicle, music was going on, everybody was moving around her, Rajjo called me and I came here to save her. Yes, Rajjo saved me; otherwise, I would have fallen and broken my head.

Arjun advises Vicky to stay away from Rajjo, not to ruin her life, and to accompany him to Lucknow. I want to go, Rajjo says. Arjun declares, “I’m pleading for Rajjo’s sake; please change your decision; I can’t allow Vicky to marry Rajjo.” Mannu says, “I have heard you patiently, you listen to me.” Haldi is celebrated similarly to holi in this country; perhaps Vicky’s friends did this when she was younger. He asserts, “I find this strange in this age.

” She says you said you didn’t hear Rajjo well, how might you say this certainly. Arjun asserts that intuition tells you that when you are connected to a heartfelt person, you comprehend everything. She says that your potential wife will be hurt and embarrassed by your presence; otherwise, she will break your heart.

Regarding Rajjo, you weren’t there; did you see who gave her the wine? He replies no. She asserts, “Enough, listen to me; Rajjo has eaten bhaang laddoos in the past.” He claims that you mean Rajjo’s error. She responds, “No,” stating that Rajjo is still a child and unaware of the consequences of her actions.

Rajjo says take me to Lucknow. I know Vicky since he was a child; he is Kaka’s grandson, and Kaka supported us when we were alone. Mannu claims that I am explaining this to you because she is careless. Arjun inquires whether this indicates that he is decent. She says, “Maybe yes, maybe not,” that we are poor and want to keep our relationships.

He suggests that she choose a superior partner than Vicky. She says it’s my decision, Rajjo will accept it, and you also follow your family’s advice: don’t come here, leave Rajjo; we have a normal life, not a fairy tale; if you come to support her, she will become accustomed to you; if you don’t come, she will break down; spare her; let her move on, and you also move on. She asks him to leave after she explains him. Rajjo tells me to go away. Mannu says Rajjo will be somebody’s significant other from this evening.

Arjun was informed, according to Urvashi. We have a deal, Kalindi says. Urvashi inquires about his whereabouts because he is absent and has left his sangeet—not a trivial matter. Chirag asks Mukund where Arjun is. Chirag wonders why. Mukund describes an online series.

Arjun sys fine, I will go, destiny is odd, you are committing an error, a ruler is written in Rajjo’s destiny, not Vicky. He departs. Rajjo left. Arjun is coming. Urvashi tells Madhu that Arjun isn’t anyplace in the house. When Madhu sees Chirag, he becomes irate. Arjun is seen by the inspector at the checkpoint.

If he is correct, you are Arjun Thakur. Arjun affirms, tell me how you know me. The inspector claims that I wanted to speak with you about Vicky, but I was told not to. I called you because I was tracking your car, and Vicky is a criminal who sells girls across the border. Arjun is stunned.

Arjun hears from the inspector about Vicky. Arjun is stunned. He thinks of Rajjo. He rushes to his vehicle. Chirag calls and calls him. He inquires if everything is okay there. Madhu says nothing is fine. Arjun asserts, “You can’t hear the truth,” so I won’t lie. According to Madhu, the jaimala only lasts for three hours.

He promises to arrive on time, keep everything prepared, and marry in the mahurat, he swears to you. She grins. Urvashi inquires whether or not he will arrive and when. Madhu says he will come on time, he can break guarantee, not a promise. Kartik and Pratap begin their work. Chirag claims that Arjun has his mother’s faith, but he does not trust Vicky because he is unsure of what he will do with him.

Arjun has arrived. Rajjo is made ready by Mannu. She claims that I spoke with Vicky, and he assured her that this would not occur again and that you would also forget it now. Tell me if Arjun came here, Rajjo inquires. Rajjo embraces her and says how could he come, his marriage is additionally occurring, fail to remember it.

Mannu responds, “Okay, please bring me to Dahej.” Rajjo says I will take you in Shagun. They have a discussion. Mannu says simply do anything your heart feels right, you never left running, in light of the fact that your sincere thus, never leave this determination, everything gets fine eventually. The Arjun family is content. Pushkar shows up. Dada ji says Pushkar is preceding time nowadays. Pratap asserts that he is family.

Pushkar wonders why Vicky isn’t returning my call. Sia comes and gripes to him that nobody cherishes her. He gives her a hug and tells her that Urvashi will adore her because you are everyone’s favorite here. Sia really asks. Go play with him, he says. Rajjo gets Arjun’s call. She responds. Arjun advises Vicky not to marry him because he is a criminal.

His voice does not reach Rajjo. Urvashi attacks the makeup artist with rage. She is reprimanded by her mother. Urvashi claims that he believes he pursued Rajjo, and I am unsure of what to do.

Urvashi claims that I’m afraid Rajjo will cut me off from Arjun. Pushkar speaks with the examiner. Vicky and his friends, according to the inspector, won’t be saved. Pushkar is anxious. He telephones Vicky. Vicky says keep the cash prepared, I m wedding Rajjo. Pushkar says Arjun is getting police there. Vicky inquires. Don’t try to take my name, Pushkar says, just leave there.

Vicky claims I comprehended. His companion asks what occurred. Arjun requests that you hear him. Rajjo affirms. Arjun tells Mannu to go hide somewhere because I’m calling the police and Vicky is a criminal because he sells girls. I’m calling the police. She is stunned. Vicky comes and ties her up. He says Arjun is causing me to do this. He requests that his companions leave Mannu and take her. Vicky can’t do anything, but Arjun says I’m coming.

Rajjo is taken from him. Madhu and Jhilmil get close to home, discussing Arjun’s marriage. Jhilmil says Arjun will make an equilibrium in every one of the relations, where is he, did he go for gold facial.

Madhu says no because he is performing puja in his room. She believes he went to assist others. Vicky sees Mannu. Rajjo would like Mannu to turn around. Vicky beams. Arjun is coming.

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