Rajjo 29 May 2023 Update On Monday

Rajjo On Starlife Monday 29th May 2023 update, Madhu insulting Rajjo. Rajjo says it’s the distinction of discernment, your mind works slow, however its great, it works, so you will know reality, I eat food in mud utensils, that scent won’t ever come in silver and gold utensils. She’s sharp, according to Jhilmil. Rajjo asserts, “My mother asked me to raise my voice for the right. I will always do this. I will expose Urvashi’s truth, you all just see.” I will not remain silent.

Urvashi acts and says she generally harms my heart. Madhu claims that she also did not respect me. Arjun proceeds to stop Rajjo. He says I m prepared to give you any ideal sum, any house, vehicle and resources, you are saying you will save me, you think I want your assistance. She says OK, no difference either way.

They fight. He tells her to just leave. She says I will simply accomplish for what I have come here, you want my assistance, I won’t pay attention to you, you halted my marriage right, I likewise came to save you from Urvashi. He says OK fine, you become the house cleaner in the event that you need, accompany me. He acquires her. She requests that he leave her.

He rings the ringer. He says everybody, meet the new house keeper, Rajjo, she will do anything that we say. Rajjo is asked to run by him if she wants. Madhu announces a long list of responsibilities and rings the bell. Rajjo is asked to start by her. Rajjo cleans the tools. She cleans the house as well. She sweeps the ground. Jhilmil and everyone else make her uncomfortable and smile. Rajjo doesn’t stop and accomplishes the work.

She goes to vehicle wash. Arjun is in the vehicle. When she splashes the water over the car, he is shocked. She knows when it is. She thinks I need to take a quick trip and see mum. She flees. Arjun watches. He inquires about her actions. Rajjo figures I can’t squander cash on transport consistently. She gets to the hospital quickly. Kaka says Rajjo. She asks is mum fine. He says OK, how are you. She says its OK, I climbed the emergency clinic steps. You are deceiving me, he asserts, “You used to climb mountains and not get tired.” Didn’t your in-laws not send you in a car to visit your mother?

She responds that I must run and practice, and that I did not inform anyone of my mother. She cries while holding Mannu’s hand. Kaka requests that she come. Madhu rings the doorbell to inquire about the new maid’s whereabouts. Jhilmil suggests that she may have fled. Rajjo and Kaka see Pushkar conversing with the specialist. Kaka claims that he came to meet your mother. Rajjo looks on. She asks how could he realize that my mum is here, even Arjun doesn’t have the foggiest idea about this.

He leaves. She figures the reason why did Pushkar come to meet mum. Rajjo returns home. Everybody calls her an issue chime. Madhu asks where did you go. Rajjo claims that I had work. Madhu asks your mother, “Who will do the work here?” Rajjo says not to tell her anything; instead, tell me that I have completed all of the tasks on the list; check it. Mukund, Madhu says, your shoes are so filthy. Rajjo will clean your shoes, according to Jhilmil, who says yes.

Rajjo sits cleaning the shoes. Pratap and Kartik likewise give their shoes. Madhu requests that Chirag give his shoes. I’m wearing slippers, Chirag says. He exits. Pushkar appears and informs me that I need shoe polish. He yells at Rajjo. He claims that I really like this. Arjun is confronted by Chirag, who inquires about his activities and asks, “Have you seen what is happening with Rajjo? The family is torturing her.” Arjun inquires about how she can do this with my family. Chirag asserts that you never intended to exact revenge; keep in mind my words; I can see that you are suffering and that you are acting improperly; if you have time, consider this. He exits.

Rajjo claims that someone saw your face at the hospital; therefore, why did you go meet my mother? Pushkar asks, “Say you don’t know anything,” and you respond, “I’m the trustee of that hospital. I went into everyone’s room to see the patients. I didn’t know your mother was also there and what happened to her.”

She says a vehicle has hit her. He asserts that this is the issue with those who walk on the road. She says I don’t have the foggiest idea, I had seen only a certain something.

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