Rajjo 8 May 2023 Update On Monday

On the Starlife Monday, May 8, 2023 update, Rajjo states that there won’t be water. Arjun asks did you open the tap. She says OK, its not coming. He requests that she turn the tap handles right. He loses his mind. Opens the shower tap. She shouts as she falls. He asks her to stop shouting; did she turn off the hot water tap or open it? She requests that he come quick and save her. He heads inside and shuts the tap. She is foolish, he says. He tells you to stay here and I’ll get you clothes. She says I’ll wear my clothes as usual. He says I can’t get you girls’ clothes because you’ll get sick in them, so stay here.

Sad is Madhu. Jhilmil says I heard Chirag and your discussions, you ought to pardon him, he has cried a ton in contrition, I realize it was his mix-up, Arjun needed to give his kidney to save him, he stalled out here, life is such, Chirag is your child. Madhu claims that’s why I cry: Arjun’s life has been destroyed, Chirag ought to manage it; his wife Kalindi is your niece; you’ll feel bad because I told her to take care of Sia and her family, but she doesn’t care because she gave Sia to Swara.

Jhilmil tells her not to worry; Swara will take care of Sia; Chirag made a mistake because he is not working. Madhu asserts that I did not stop him. Jhilmil says let Mukund handle the business, even Chirag will get some sense, consider it. Madhu says I will think. As Kalindi watches, she believes you can’t change my life. Arjun requests his sister’s gown. She inquires as to why you desire my brand-new dress. He claims that I neglected to present Urvashi with an engagement ring. She claims that this won’t fit.

He claims that I will demonstrate to her via video call that there is a tag on it, which we can exchange. He exits. She is happy when she sees the cupcakes. Arjun approaches Rajjo. He sees her playing with the cleanser bubbles. He inquires about everything. She apologizes because I was occupying my mind and feeling hungry. He orders her to change. She transforms and appears. Taqdeerein…plays….

He says, sorry, there is only this dress. Rajjo says that it’s fine and will work. She slips. He caresses her. She claims that I am falling and that you are holding me. Tujhse juda…plays. He buys her cup cakes. He tells you to sit down and eat this or you’ll be hungry. He stops her and requests that she eliminate the paper.

She says I thought, we eat this moreover. She cries. He inquires about the event. She is silent. He tells you to speak because I don’t know what’s going on inside of you. Rajjo says I never had food without Maai, I miss her. He says we will find her tomorrow; if you don’t eat, you might get sick; I can’t find her on my own; we will go together. She says the cake is pleasant like cotton sweets. She says it’s sufficient. He now requests that she sleep. She reclines. He inquires as to why she is sleeping on the floor when he plans to sleep on the couch. She says no, I can sleep wherever I want.

He says, “Don’t get angry with me; I’m tired; get up; no one in our house sleeps on the floor; sleep there.” She appreciates him. She uses the bed to sleep. I wish I could make my Maai sleep on such a bed because she thinks the blanket is so soft. Arjun believes that my life is falling apart. She asserts that she will not be able to sleep without Maai. She thinks of Mannu. Mannu has arrived. Rajjo gets her prayers.

Rajjo is lying down. Arjun comes to the room. He sees Rajjo lying on the bed’s edge asleep. She falls. He caresses her. Ek duje mein… plays… He requests that she get up, its morning. He brings her tea. She requests your tea.

He says I went for running, I can’t have tea. She inquires as to why, did Sheru get after you. He says no, I run/run consistently. She suggests tea so he won’t feel tired. He says thanks to her. She claims that we once consumed black pepper tea. She looks for her chunni and inquires about its whereabouts.

Arjun says I’ll buy you a new chunni. She says I need it, did anybody take it. He says no, it was smelling, so I tossed it in the rubbish, the junk truck will take the garbage now. She leaps through the pipe and sprints to the balcony. He calls her frantic. He quickly descends stairs and leaves the house. Rajjo flees in pursuit of the garbage truck. Swara is blessed by Madhu. Arjun sees the dump truck and says where did Rajjo go. Rajjo emerges from the waste vehicle with the chunni. Rajjo weeps in joy.

Arjun expresses out loud whatever the damnation.. She bounces down the truck and says I got my chunni. She is a sample, the man claims. The vehicle moves. Rajjo claims that I found the chunni in the trash. He inquires, “Did you get mad?” “What do you want to do?” “Would this chunni save you if you died?” He continues, “I told you, I will get a chunni for you.” She says its my mum’s chunni, its valuable, its my mum’s sign, I won’t make it away from me until my mum comes to me. Mannu arrives at a similar path. She doesn’t see Arjun or Rajjo.

Madhu serving Jhilmil prasad. She sees Kalindi on telephone and insults her. She claims that Swara is young, gets up early, and she treats others’ children with love. Madhu, according to Jhilmil, will perform Mahabharat today. Madhu requests that Arjun come first floor. Kalindi claims that I was coming to break the news to your son. Arjun just left and chased a garbage truck; we’ll check outside. Madhu left.

I’m so sorry, Arjun, I didn’t know it was your mother’s chunri. Rajjo informs me that you adore your mother. Arjun looks at Madhu. According to Kalindi, children do as they please. He lifts Rajjo and stows away. Jhilmil, Kalindi, and Madhu turn. Arjun and Rajjo are invisible to them. According to Madhu, no one is present. Rajjo says it was perfect trash. Arjun contends. He claims my mom is present. Rajjo covers her face. He portrays Madhu.

Madhu asks Arjun why he left. According to Jhilmil, he might have met Urvashi there. Madhu claims to be staying in our outside toilet. Kalindi says perhaps they have gone out. Arjun worries Madhu. Arjun says I concealed you, else they will make news. Rajjo pulls a blossom. The blossoms shower on them. Tujhse juda…plays… He inquires about this. She claims that the garbage was giving you a bad smell, so I made the flower shower for you. Madhu contacts Arjun.

Rajjo declares, “I will leave; I have no idea why I was at your house; I will go find Maai.” Arjun asks if you can go on your own. She thinks that I can’t make you feel like a burden. He inquires as to where you should go. She replies that I will inquire and get there. He asks do you have cash. She responds, “Yes, my potli is upstairs; keep it; I will come to take it when I find Maai.” She thanks you for everything you did for her and promises to pray for you every day. She leaves. Arjun returns home Arjun won’t be with me now, according to Rajjo.

Rajjo gets some information about the flood casualties. She is not assisted. Arjun arrives. He declares, “Come, we will go find your mother.” In the car, they leave. He requests that she tie the belt. She inquires as to why I should tie your belt when you are wearing pants; if you are unaware of this, you are in your pajamas. He says, “I’m asking you to fasten the seat belt in the car.” She attempts. She states, “Come, get me to my mom now.” They move on.

Sia is asked to be good by Swara. She is asked by Mukund to stop loving Sia. Arjun didn’t have food or medicine, so Kalindi says it’s too much. I’m afraid he’ll pass out. Madhu yells at her. Swara takes Sia to get dressed. Chacha ji returns home. Inquiring about Arjun, Madhu He claims I’ve seen Arjun leave. She inquires about his actions. He claims that I understand what he is doing, and that he is attempting to make a new fertilizer from the garbage that is thrown away on a daily basis in households. He calls Madhu. According to Arjun’s sister, he forgot his phone at home.

Arjun tells Rajjo that they all came to find their family members, so don’t worry. Rajjo runs and gets between the group. She claims that they won’t let me go. She is led to the counter by Arjun. Rajjo inquires about Manorama, her Maai. We won’t listen until an hour after lunch, the man says. Rajjo calls on everyone to descend. She asks the man to discuss her Maai. The man asks am I your mum’s worker. She implores him.

The man declines to provide any specifics. Arjun explodes. Mannu searches for Rajjo. Rajjo is told by the man to leave. Arjun hits the table out of rage.

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