Shocking! Ravish And His Family Is Under Serious Attack

Jaana Na Dil Se Door On Adom TV

Ravish and his family is under serious attack by terrorists in the upcoming twists In Jaana Na Dil Se Door. Aruna(Zeenat) who is in the house to take revenge on Ravish for shooting her husband who is a terrorist gets caught by Ravish. Ravish gets to know that she is Zeenat, the wife of a terrorist group leader.

This woman and her terrorist group launched an attack on the family. Ravish gets a call that the army cantonments have been hacked. He locks Zeenat up in the room and asks his family not to go near her or come out.

he is going to check the cantonments and will be back in no time. Meanwhile, as he left, the terrorist group was on their way to his house.

While Ravish leaves, Bua is attacked by Asthma and needs an inhaler urgently. Sujata bravely goes out to bring the inhaler and paid deaf ears to the warning they gave her because she was willing to save a life.

While she went out, the terrorist group attacked her, she remembers the defense training Ravish organized for them and fought bravely with the terrorists. Just then one of them shot and the family heard the gun shot. Little did they know that they are under attack.

Vividha gets worried about Sujata. Atharv tells them that he is strong. Sujata comes. They get shocked seeing the terrorists with her. Daddy Ji asks them what they want and they replied that they want Zeenat. Ravish reaches the army camp and asks about the attack but he is told nothing happened there. This made him realize the call was to get him out of the house.

The men ask Chutki where her mum is. They ask them to tell them where Zeenat is. Vipul got scared and showed them where she was. Suman says we are not scared, we are not afraid to die and fight. Aruna comes and says I will give you such death with mercy. Vividha and everyone get shocked seeing her.

She goes to Vividha and thanks her, for her help because she asked Ravish to accept her into the house out of sympathy. This made Zeenat scold them for foolishly trusting a stranger and allowing her into their home.

The media comes to Vashisht’s house. Ravish reaches there and asks what this drama is about. The reporters ask him about firing in his house and his family’s captive. Ravish gets shocked hearing that his family has been held captive.

Zeenat sends him a message that he is not after his family’s life but she is here to have his husband released, else the worse will happen to his family.