Jaana Na Dil Se Door On Adom Tv: Friday Pt2, 16th July 2021

The Jaana Na Dil Se Door Update On Wednesday Pt1, 2nd June 2021 episode started with Daddy ji saying if you can’t become Suman’s bahu, you don’t have the right to live and dragged her. She asked him to leave her. It’s morning, Daddy ji got Vividha to someplace.

Ravish, Suman and Sujata reached the farmhouse and found the taxi driver unconscious. Ravish woke him up and asked about Vividha. Driver said, I was waiting for her and slept here, someone pushed me out and took the car.

Daddy ji held Vividha’s neck and said, you have just hurt Ravish and Suman, I have come to remove that thorn hurting my family. She said please leave me, what will you get by killing me. He said I will get peace, I want freedom from you and that mad guy, your dead body will not be found after I sink you in the water.

Once I kill you, I will kill that man guy also. She said no. He pushed her into the water. Atharv came out of the car dickey and asked does anyone drive so badly, I am not liking this, I got hurt. He saw the car vacant and called out Vividha.

Jaana Na Dil Se Door Update On Wednesday Pt1, 2nd June 2021

He liked the place and sat on the car. Vividha sank and came out of the river struggling for life. Atharv called Vividha and asked are you playing hide and seek, I will find you. Vividha came out and asked Daddy ji not to do this.

Daddy ji said enemy should not be left and given chance to run, to get peace, enemy should be finished, I did this work for country, today I am doing this for family, it’s war and everything is fair, our family will get free after your death. He dipped her head in the water and sank her. She shouted no. She recalled Atharv’s words.

Atharv called her out and looked for her. Vividha recalled Atharv and her moments. Atharv was playing around and looked for her. Vividha recalled Atharv’s encouraging words. She shouted Atharv. Atharv heard her and stopped. Atharv run to find her. Daddy ji sank her head in the water again and again. Atharv came near the lake and saw Daddy ji sinking Vividha. He got shocked.

Atharv run to save Vividha. He pulled Daddy ji away and got inside the water. He lifted Vividha and got her out. Daddy ji got shocked seeing Atharv. Atharv asked Vividha to get up and she coughed. Daddy ji recalled Suman and Ravish, and got angry. Atharv said I will call Captain saab, he will beat Dada ji. Daddy ji pulled his hair and slapped him. He beat Atharv and recalled Suman’s words and pain. Vividha saw it and was worried.

Daddy ji beat him a lot. Vividha tried to get up. She run to them and stopped Daddy ji. Daddy ji pushed her away. Atharv saw Vividha’s hand bleeding and got shocked. He turned to normal and stopped Daddy ji by holding his hand. Atharv’s old moments were shown. Atharv beat Daddy ji.

Vividha asked Atharv not to beat Dada ji. Atharv went to Vividha and held her. He cried and held her face. Vividha cried and hugged him. Daddy ji hits his head with a big stone. Atharv held his head. Vividha got shocked as Daddy ji got hitting on his head again and again. She shouted Atharv. Atharv turned to Daddy ji and his vision was blur.

Daddy ji walked to him. Vividha cried. Atharv held her hand. Daddy ji kicked him down. Old moments were seen when Kailash dragged Vividha away. Atharv fell into the river. The blood spread in the water. Vividha shouted Atharv. Atharv sank. Daddy ji smiled. Vividha slapped Daddy ji and asked, why did you do this, what did Atharv do, go and find him. Daddy ji got angry and slapped her multiple times. Ravish came there and holds Daddy ji’s hand.

End Of Jaana Na Dil Se Door Update On Wednesday Pt1, 2nd June 2021

Daddy ji and Vividha got shocked seeing him. Ravish, Suman and Sujata saw Daddy ji’s criminal side. Vividha said, Daddy ji has sank Atharv in the water, he will be around, he has hit Atharv’s head with stone, on the same place where he has the wound, find Atharv please. She shouted Atharv.

Sujata said Vividha don’t worry you know Atharv knows swimming, he will come out. Vividha and Sujata shouted to Atharv. Ravish jumped into the water and looked for Atharv. Ravish come out of the water. Vividha asked for Atharv. Ravish signal no. They all got shocked.

Vividha said we have no time, I will find Atharv if you don’t find him. Ravish said, it’s not safe for you to go into the lake. The Inspector said we did not get the body. Vividha asked him not to say about body, take his name, he will come back for me. Pandit asked them to do soul peace puja. Vividha got shocked.


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