The Jaana Na Dil Se Door Update On Wednesday Pt1, 9th June 2021 episode started with Adaa/Chutki calling Atharv uncle. He said not uncle, you can call me Chotu. She asked what are you looking at. She reminded him the old moments. He saw the pics when he lost his memory. He said I have troubled you a lot.

She said yes, but Vividha and Ravish did not get angry ever. He said I know Vividha will not get angry, but why did Ravish not get angry. She said Vividha and Ravish used to care for you a lot, they used to check you at night turn by turn, and then go to sleep in! Vividha called her out and stopped her.

Atharv saw Vividha and got Suman came and asked are you ready? Vividha said yes aunty. Atharv complimented her. Ravish asked Atharv are you not ready till now? Atharv smiled seeing Vividha.

Atharv said I will stay at home with Adaa. Ravish said Vividha can stay back at home then. Atharv said no, she has gotten ready, it means she wants to go, let her go. Vividha said no, I will stay back. Atharv said no, it’s not necessary that we do everything together, you can go and enjoy. Sujata said I will stay back. Atharv asked her to go as well. Vividha got Adaa with her. Atharv complimented Vividha again.

Still On Jaana Na Dil Se Door Update On Wednesday Pt1, 9th June 2021

Vividha asked Adaa not to tell Atharv about her and Ravish’s marriage. Adaa asked why, Atharv likes Ravish. Ravish said Atharv is unwell, he doesn’t know Vividha is married to me, Vividha is his friend, so he can get shock and get unwell.

don’t tell him, promise and Adaa promised. Vividha hugged her and said we are going now, take care of Atharv. The family left. Sujata asked, did you explain to Chutki? Vividha said yes,she understood.

Adaa sat studying. Atharv recalled Vividha and smiled. He said Vividha was looking so beautiful today. She said she always looked special, she always stayed quiet. Atharv said you don’t know her well.

she is simple and sensitive, she manages accounts well but doesn’t know anything about making jackfruit dish, but she will learn. She asked him to go to the party. He said no. She asked him to go for Vividha’s sake.

Ravish and everyone reached the party. The man congratulated Ravish for winning award and said everyone wants to become Ravish now, you got fan following also. Vividha and everyone looked on. Adaa took Atharv to get ready. She opened the cupboard. Ravish and Vividha’s marriage pic was there. Vividha went to Ravish and said nothing will happen if you close your eyes.

Adaa asked Atharv to take the coat. Atharv took the coat. Vividha said we have to face big problem, you have done a lot. Ravish said I am fine. Vividha said you are a good person, who goes to the corner and drinks. He asked what do you mean? She drank water and said like this. He looked at her and they smiled. She cheered him up. She said smiling makes the heart fresh. Atharv asked is this fine? He didn’t see the pic.

Vividha talked to Ravish. She said I have promised you and could not keep the promises, but I will keep the friendship. She forwarded hee hand to shake.

End Of Jaana Na Dil Se Door Update On Wednesday Pt1, 9th June 2021

Atharv got ready and asked where to go now? Adaa asked him to go now, you look a hero, everyone will see you, all the best. Suman saw Vividha and Ravish shaking hands. Ravish said Atharv was right, you talk a lot.

Vividha asked Ravish to come. He nodded. Everyone asked Ravish and Vividha to dance. The family looked on. Ravish and Vividha danced. Atharv came there to the party and looked for Vividha.

He saw Ravish and Vividha dancing romantically. He said why are they close to each other this way, why is no one stopping them. Vividha turned. Atharv got shocked seeing her mangalsutra. Vividha took a spin and stumbled.

Ravish held her in his arms. They saw each other. Atharv recalled seeing Vividha with Ravish at the mandap area. He thinks of the moments and Adaa’s words.

Vividha went to Atharv. He shouted I gave you my life, my soul, you could not wait for me for three months. He threw the marriage pics and said you got married Vividha Kashyap, Ravish Vashisht is your husband and she cried.


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