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Beginning of Tumhari Pakhi Update On Wednesday Pt 1: Episode 65

Tumhari Pakhi Update On Wednesday starts with Pakhi leaving angrily. Pakhi met the press at her house. Tanya said, this happened because of me Anshuman. You lied to Pakhi who knew about the plane crash. Anshuman and Tanya saw the news. They saw Pakhi with the media and were shocked. The media thought Anshuman was in the flight and asked Pakhi about Anshuman.

Pakhi said, you want to know where is Anshuman? Tanya said oh no, she is going to tell the press everything. Pakhi said, he was not on the flight. Tanya said, she will say everything. Pakhi said, he is in Shimla. The media asked, then why is he not with you? Pakhi said, I am here on his behalf to answer you all, he has some important work for which he had to go urgently.

Pakhi didn’t say anything about the Anshuman’s truth. Anshuman was shocked. Pakhi went inside the house. Tanya said, thank God Anshuman, she did not tell anything. Anshuman said yes. Lavanya called Anshuman and asked, whats going on? Anshuman said, I am with Tanya and we were thinking about how to shoot away Pakhi but Pakhi came and saw us in the hotel room.

Lavanya said, Pakhi saw you in hotel room, OMG, what was the need to do this, this can create a big problem, the media is at your home, if she says anything, we will lose everything, I will talk to Pakhi. Anshuman said no, I will talk to her. I am feeling guilty. I will take care of all this.

Lavanya asked, are you sure? He said yes. She said, ok take care and ended the call. Girish asked, what happened? You have forgiven your brother’s lie and not my truth. Lavanya said, you are a liar. Girish talked about Anshuman’s lie to Pakhi. Lavanya said, don’t compare yourself with my brother.

You have cheated me, there is lot of difference between you and Anshuman. Girish said yes, I did it by mistake, and Anshuman is doing his purposely. I am not comparing myself with Anshuman, I am not him and don’t want to become like him.

Still On Tumhari Pakhi Update On Wednesday Pt 1: Episode 65

Tumhari Pakhi Update On Wednesday continues where Pakhi was upset at home thinking about Anshuman’s lie. She thought about Anshuman and Tanya. She looked at Anshuman’s photo. Anshuman came home. Pakhi closed her eyes. Anshuman said Pakhi. She opened her eyes. He said, I am going to tell you everything truely. She looked at him.

She smiled and said, it’s good you came from Delhi soon, see you could be away from me and Ayaan. She lied seeing Ayaan. Anshuman looked at Ayaan. Ayaan hugged Anshuman and said, dad I won in the debate competition. Anshuman said, Congratulations.

Ayaan talked to them and said, you should say congrats to mum. Ayaan showed the prize to Pakhi and said, it’s a gift for you. She kissed the trophy and said thank you. Ayaan asked Anshuman for Pakhi’s gift. Anshuman said no gift. Ayaan said it doesn’t matter, it’s good you came back. Ayaan asked them to play a game with him. Pakhi smiled. Anshuman said, I am tired. Pakhi said, lets play as Ayaan is insisting. Ayaan thanked Pakhi.

Anshuman looked at Pakhi. Ayaan said, lets play now. Pakhi said yes, I know the game well. They play blindfold catching the person game. Anshuman blindfolded Pakhi. Ayaan rotated Pakhi and run. Ayaan said catch me and dad. Pakhi sensed Anshuman but did not catch him and moved away. Pakhi fell and Anshuman held her. She removed the black cloth and looked at him. Pakhi sent Ayaan. Anshuman said Pakhi, I want to talk to you but She left.

End of Tumhari Pakhi Update On Wednesday Pt 1: Episode 65

The first part of Tumhari Pakhi Update On Wednesday ends where Anshuman said, I don’t want to lie to you anymore, whatever you saw in the hotel was true, I lied to you that I was going Delhi, I was here, you know it. I was with Tanya.

He was smoking and when he saw her, he threw the cigarette. He said the truth is and Tanya cuts in, the truth is, we both should apologize for lying to you. Tanya said, we lied to you, we love each other, we are incomplete without each other. Pakhi was shocked. Anshuman looked at Tanya.

Pakhi asked Anshuman, do you love Tanya? Anshuman said yes, I love Tanya. Tanya asked Pakhi, which relation should be there, yours or mine?

Beginning of Tumhari Pakhi Update On Wednesday Pt 2: Episode 66

The second part of Tumhari Pakhi Update On Wednesday starts with Tanya telling Pakhi that we tried our best to stay apart and change the situation, but we failed. Pakhi asked, then why did you come to take me. Anshuman says because but Tanya told her a fake story that she and Anshuman had a big fight, and they changed their paths. She said, we did not know we can stay apart, we love each other, till we realized that you came here as Anshuman’s wife.

Anshuman introduced you as his wife infront of the world, but he could not accept you. He tried his best to give this relation a chance, but you are only his responsibility. I regret as it was not your mistake, you are sensible, can’t you see Anshuman did not behave like a husband ever. Did you not feel that there is no husband and wife relation between you and Anshuman.

Anshuman never loved you. He loved me. Pakhi was shocked. Tanya said, it’s not Anshuman’s mistake, as love just happens, he loved only me, I tried my best to forget him but I left everything and came back to him. Tanya said, Anshuman is my love and your husband infront of the world. Pakhi looked at Tany and Anshuman.

Tanya said, one day we decided to end our love. This is not right, but we broke our promises and started meeting again, we tried our best to stop our love but we could not.

Tanya said, we are each other’s happiness, we love each other. Pakhi and Anshuman looked at each other. Pakhi asked Anshuman to speak up. She said, tell me what your happiness in, I want to hear it from you. Do you really love Tanya. Anshuman thought about Tanya’s words.

Tanya asked him to confess his love for her so that Pakhi leaves him and go. Anshuman said, we will tell her the truth. Tanya said, she won’t be able to bear that, it would be good if she sacrifices her love, we will try to give her happiness by lying to her. Anshuman felt Pakhi’s love is her weakness. Pakhi asked Anshuman.

Still On Tumhari Pakhi Update On Wednesday Pt 2: Episode 66

The second part of Tumhari Pakhi Update On Wednesday continues where Anshuman said, what you saw in the hotel room was right. He said, it’s true that I love Tanya. Pakhi was shocked and cried. Tanya said, tell me whose relation should be intact, yours or mine? Pakhi held her mangalsutra. and left.

Anshuman went after her but Tanya stopped him. Mr. Raichand saw Lavanya at the gym and said, I am surprised as gym is not allowed to pregnancy. Lavanya lied to him. He said, you might be knowing whats good for you. He said, I am a yoga instructor, you can come to my house or I can come to yours, I will teach you yoga, I won’t charge you.

Pakhi came to meet Girish. Girish was happy to see her. He said, I wrote some lines of my new Ghazal, I will read it for you. Pakhi listened to him. She asked what she thinks about his lines. She said, is it all to get your love. Anshuman heard this. Pakhi said, we should leave the one we love free, and is it not love to go away from your love.

Girish said, some people don’t know whom they love and why. Some people don’t fall in love, if you trust your love, give him some time. Pakhi said, what if our trust is wrong. Girish did shayari of Ghalib and said, it will take time. Don’t lose hope. Girish asked what happened?

Pakhi said nothing, I will leave now. Ayaan might have come from school, I will come again. Girish said Pakhi, I hope you got your answers. Anshuman hid outside the door. Girish saw Anshuman after Pakhi left. Anshuman came to Girish. Anshuman said, I know whats right and wrong for me, I did not want to hurt Pakhi.

He said, I told Pakhi that I love Tanya, not the whole truth, that I brought her here to insult her and kick her out of my life, I am trying to make her out of my life, when my every plan failed, I emotionally blackmailed her, I have everything but nothing to give her. Girish asked why, there is divorce to give her.

End of Tumhari Pakhi Update On Wednesday Pt 2: Episode 66

The second part of Tumhari Pakhi Update On Wednesday ends where Anshuman said you are a poet, you know about heart, what should I give her. Girish said, can you buy heart’s peace, no right. Anshuman asked, do you want to help me or not? Girish asked, what can you give her, you can’t give her what she wants, you love Tanya, right. Anshuman said right, I love Tanya.

Anshuman came to Pakhi and said, I will help you. Pakhi said, help not needed and she left. Anshuman said, how can you sacrifice your love, you have given me everything though you did not get anything from me.

Anshuman got hurt and Pakhi cared for him. Pakhi talked to Tanya about Anshuman and Ayaan. Tanya said, she loves Anshuman. Pakhi asked what about Ayaan. Will you be able to become her mum.

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