SP Learns Durga Is Innocent. He Finds Out His Mom & Dad Trapped Durga In The Drug Case


The upcoming episode of Adom Tv popular daily soap My Daughter Durga has taken major turn in the storyline.

Sanjay unveils his mother Gayatri’s truth and she is the major culprit who trapped Durga in drug case.

Sanjay feels bad that he never trusted his love Durga abd trusted wrong people that is his mother Gayatri.

Sanjay folds hand and apologize to Durga for always misunderstanding her and giving pain to her while Durga tries to console Sanjay.

Sanjay and Durga’s union

Sanjay repents for his mistake and decides to do something special for Durga and organize romantic dinner date.

Sanjay and Durga’s love will be recreated with truth and trust over each other, stay tuned for more exciting updates on the upcoming episodes only on ethstudios.net.