Nathalie Finally Accepts Onay As Her Mom. The Way To Your Heart 14 June 2022, Tuesday Pt2


The episode begins with Lucas and Maila arriving at the hospital where Nathalie and Onay were. They were informed by the doctor that they were discharged so they left. Lucas asks the nurse for the CCTV footage. Maila called Onay but her number was unreachable.

 Lucas tells her not to worry because he is sure they are safe. Maila said that’s unusual of her mom, she might be in danger. Nathalie and Onay are fast asleep. Nurse comes to Lucas and gives him a chit to get the CCTV footage. 

The goons carry Onay and Nathalie into the bush. They lock them inside a cage. Lucas is also searching and asking people if they have seen a small person? The man says no. Maila gets worried. Helena calls the goons and asks them for updates. 

He tells them she wants a slow death for Onay. Helena asks she hopes there are no witnesses? Goonsa tells her there was a witness but has also been kidnapped. Helena looks on. Agartha comes to Helena and gives her drink. 

Helena says she wanted to kill Onay but her plans changed. Suddenly, she is feeling guilty. Agartha tells her to revert her plans if that is the case. Helena says no Agartha, I have made up my mind. It has to be done. 

Nathalie finally gets conscious. The goons were fast asleep. Nathalie wakes up Onay. And she asks what’s going on. Onay remembers and said that taxi driver. Nathalie gets worried. Onay assures her that nothing will happen to them. Nathalie hugs Onay. Onay tells Nathalie about her father Elvin and there Nathalie hugs and accepts Onay as her mom. 

Maila comes home. She worries with Kiana what might have happened to Onay. They go out to continue their search. One of the goons wakes up and goes away into the bush. Onay and Nathalie find a way to break out. They manage to find a way and escape. By the time the other good returns, they had escaped. He checks their cage and realizes they have broken open and escaped. He wakes the others and they run after them. 

Maila and Kiana are also in the bush looking for them. A patrol van arrives there. They hide. Maila and Kiana meet Soleng and ask them if they had seen Onay and Rosemary anywhere. Helena comes there and Maila asks if she had sent Onay or Rosemary because they are missing. Helena is shocked. 

Nathalie and Onay hide in the bush as the goons search for them. Helena remembers the goons telling her they had another person with Onay. And she tells them she doesn’t want any witnesses so that person should also be killed together with Onay. Helena gets worried. She goes. Soleng calls and says madam but she goes. 

Helena called her goons but there was no answer. She says I pray that nothing happens to her. Agartha says why didn’t you confirm. Helena says I thought that it was Maila. She kept calling but no answer, she said God, I hope it’s not Nathalie. Agartha tells her not to panic. Helena tries several times but no reply. Nathalie and Onay cries and hugs. Onay tells Nathalie to run away and go because she can’t make it far with her. Nathalie says no she can’t leave her there but Onay still asks her to go. Nathalie cries and finally she agrees to go…Read more