Helena Loses Everything In Life. The Way To Your Heart Thursday pt1, 30 June 2022: Episode 147

The episode begins with neighbors seeing Helena’s house of fire. They all gathered around and made calls to the fire service and authorities for help. Soleng was seen sitting somewhere with Lee and conversing on Natalie’s issue. She had a call about Helena and she informed Lee. Lee refuses to go. Soleng stops a taxi and goes away. 

Kiana comes home and shows Maila the video of Helena’s house on fire. Natalie who was in sleep woke up and says what has happened to mommy? Maila what has happened to mommy? Maila shows the video to Nathalie and she is shocked. Helena moves out of the room, just after she touched the gates there was an explosion. 

Everyone shouts. Helena manages to get to safety. Helena looks at her house on fire and she screams and cries. It appears Helena was finished. The fire engine arrives. Lucas and her family watch on TV as Helena’s house is on fire. Nelia calls Dante’s friends to ask if they are behind this and they said they do not know anything about it. As they were speaking of the matter, Hector came.

Natalie asks permission to go and check on Helena, Onay allows, Natalie says I will appreciate that. Maila asked to go with her. Onay also said she can’t leave them alone and will go. They ask her to stay home as Lucas goes with them. Helena shouts on the firemen to go inside there and puts out everything. Seems she has lost everything and probably her mind too. 

Luise and Agartha at home, Agartha tells her that Helena is going to be fired but for the wrong reasons regarding the squandering of the foundations funds. Helena takes her phone and calls Agartha. Luise says mommy, Helena is calling. She felt reluctant to answer. Helena called several times but she did not answer. 

Helena says I lost, I lost everything. Luise tells Agartha, she needs you. She says not anymore. Luise calls Natalie, she says Luise have you heard what has happened? She says that’s why I called you. She says does your mommy not know? 

Agartha says aunt Helena did something to her, she doesn’t even answer her calls. Natalie says I just want to ask if she is fine. Luise advises her that aunt Helena will ask you to be with her. You are in a good place now, please don’t let your emotions get into the way of your decision, okay? She then tells her to take care. Natalie and Maila arrive there. Natalie says mommy and runs to hug her. 

Everyone looks on. She asks mom, are you okay? Did anything happen to you? Helena begs Natalie to stay with her. She says I need you more than ever. You see I’ve lost everything right? At home Onay is restless that she might lose her again to Helena. Helena tried everything she could but Natalie never agreed to stay with her. They went and Helena kept crying. Helena walks away and waits on the road. A thief took Helena’s bag which contained her money, phone and the rest of her belongings away. All hope was lost for Helena. 

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