Helena Get’s Caught. The Way To Your Heart Monday, 14 February 2022

Nathalie is on a date with Oliver. She was invited to be one of the performers. Oliver leaves and Onay approaches. She says hi to Nathalie. She also said hi to her. Onay gives her sweets. Nathalie asks if she has seen Maila? She needs to talk with her about something as she has been chosen to be a performer on the foundation day. Onay tells her to tell her what it is that she wants to discuss with Maila about and she says it’s a secret. 

Onay sits and chats with her. They go out. Maila is seen coming downstairs. Onay stops her and asks her to speak with Nathalie. Nathalie informs her about her being chosen as a performer on the foundation day and she would want her help. Maila refuses and she asks how much does she want to take? She can pay her 10k, 20k, 30k any amount. Maila still refuses and Nathalie feels disappointed. 

Maila Leaves from there. Onay’s mother asks the rider to chase Helena. She pays the driver as Helena’s car stops at a traffic jam. Onay’s mother takes off her shoe and hits Helena’s car. Helena asks what it is that hit the car. They drove off. She collided with a woman while chasing the car and fell into a gutter. She gets hurt. 

Helena heard people shouting and said something had happened. She asks the driver to stop. She gets out to check what it is. The police and people gather around. She asks a man who said a woman fell into the gutter. After hearing it’s nothing much, he said I hope it’s okay although I don’t care. Helena gets back into her car and goes. 

Nathalie complains to Onay that friends are going to mock her, what am I going to do now? She begs Onay to convince Maila for her. Onay accepted and Nathalie said she is the best. She hugs Onay. Dante goes for gambling. Sali comes and taunts him. Nathalie is seen with Onay. They go to Maila. Onay calls Maila to convince her to help Maila, she was speaking to her when she received a call. She was informed about her mother’s accident. 

Maila asks what is it? She tells her her Grandma is in the hospital due to an accident. They go. Nathalie looks on. At home, Helena gives her friend a check and tells her she is sure the amount is perfect already for your event? She replies that this is by far the most handsome donation. As far as she is the major sponsor, she will also be the guest of honor. Helena tells her not to bother, real rich people don’t brag about helping others. 

Luis and Nathalie comes home, she asks if she has invited Oliver for the event, Nathalie tells her about the problem at hand. She said it’s the foundation day and she will be singing, why seems bothered? Her mother heard and asked, did I hear you correctly? That Nathalie will be singing at the foundation day? She said yes mummy, she is like the main star of the program. 

Helena seems surprised and asks really is it’s about joining campus bangies she wouldn’t be surprised but singing, when did she learn to sing? She tells her mother she is now good at singing. Helena said you better be good, you better slice it up because I am going to see you shine, you should make your mama proud. 

Of course, mummy she said, Luis is helping me practice today, that’s wonderful, Helena said. So excuse us. And they go. Luis tells her she has to speak with Maila else everything will be ruined. 

Onay goes to the hospital with Maila and sees her mother on the bed. Maila asks what happened? Flashback shows the moment she runs after Helena’s car. The doctor tells them there are no complications though, it’s just a bone fracture. 

Onay goes and open her money box in which she kept money for Rosemary. She checks and someone has taken some of the money. She calls Maila and asks if she has taken it. Flashback shows the moment when she met Dante at the market asking for money from Sali. She tells Maila to come so they will go to Dante for the money. 

At that time, he was busily gambling. The cocks fight. Dante’s cock losses the fight. Sali taunted him. He has lost all the money. They tell him to bring the money. Onay arrives there and asks where her money is. Onay struggles with him. A man comes in and fights with Dante. 

Onay scolds him. He begs Onay to forgive him for that. Onay tells him her mother is in the hospital, that money was their only hope to save her. He asks what? Maila tells him he has been involved in an accident. Dante cries and Onay leaves. They all go to the hospital. 

Dante sits beside her and they talk. Onay brings the only money left. She didn’t give Dante a good face. Her mother sees this and asks what is the problem with both of them? She tells her that Dante has taken Rosemary’s money which she decided to use for her hospital bills for gambling and he lost. Grandma scolds him. 

He pleaded. Salia tells Onay to relax. She says this is not something to relax on. Maila wonders how they are going to get money to pay her bills. They all leave as Maila lay her head on her. Maila remembers Nathalie asking her how much she will take to help her sing. Maila found that is an opportunity she can make use of. 

Nathalie’s friend comes as she applies the lip stick. She asks what are you looking at? And she said I like your lip stick, you should rather stir up the performance for the foundation day. Her other mate tells her, Nathalie, can we just forget about what happened before? Can we be friends again? Her friend asks, speaking about the foundation day, have you been able to convince Maila?

 Nathalie says she doesn’t know why she would refuse her even after giving her that phone. She tells her that Maila’s mother really likes her, and she said of course, am already a charming girl. Maila goes to Nathalie and asks to all with her in private. Maila tells her she has accepted her offer to sing. Nathalie is shocked. She asks really? You are going to sing for me? You are not joking right? Maila said it’s the truth, she will sing. 

Nathalie said thanks Maila, I should also thank your mother. Maila tells her about the accident of her grandma. Nathalie asks is she okay? She tell her about everything and she tells her she will take care of it. Nathalie tells Maila she would be singing two songs for her today and they need to practice. 

Nathalie goes to Onay’s house and gives Onay a cake. Onay said it’s not her birthday and Maila said that is a way of saying thank you to her as Maila has agreed to perform for her on the foundation day. She thanks Onay for having a child like Maila and says thank you, you are my angel and hugs Onay. Maila looks on. 

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