Dante & Nelia’s Life In Danger. The Way To Your Heart Monday, 23 May 2022

The episode begins with Dante telling Nelia that Onay’s rosemary is alive and that it is none other than Nathalie. Nelia is shocked. He reveals to her how Helena has hidden this secret away from them. He then says sorry for trying to conceal this secret. Nelia calls Onay on the phone to tell her this truth but by then Onay was busy on the phone speaking with Sali. She was going out with Lucas. Nelia tells Dante that Onay’s phone is busy. 

As Dante and Nelia were speaking. He receives a call and it was from Helena. He puts off the phone. Helena then called again and he was unreachable. She said you never learn, I should never have trusted you. Helena’s henchman calls her and informs her that he suspected Dante might have revealed the secret to Nelia. Helena said do whatever you have to do so the secret won’t reach Omay, do you understand? 

Maila and Kiana walking around. Nathalie and friends confront them. Maila tells Kiana that they should go. Luise stops them. Nathalie says I just want to talk but Maila says, I don’t want to talk with you. Maila and her friend leave from there. Nathalie and friends look on. Dante and Nelia sees Helena’s henchman and hides from him.

 They entered a van and went. The man goes after them but they push him down. Nathalie still follows Maila and says you are wrong Maila. I want to know your strategy. Maila scolds her. Nathalie says only one queen will survive. This time I will. Maila calls Nathalie immature and Nathalie slaps her. 

Helena’s henchman gets down from the floor. Helena calls and asks if he is done with the job. He tells them Dante and Nelia escaped. Helena taunts him that he is not able to handle the crises at hand and says you should be ashamed of yourself. He takes a car and follows them. Nathalie and Maila start fighting.

 A man separates them and threatens to call the police. Nathalie scolds him too and pounce on Maila again. Kiana tells Nathalie to stop what she is doing. Dante and Nelia get down and ask a taxi driver to take them as it is an emergency. They get into the car. Helena’s henchman gives them a hot chase. 

Agartha gives Helena a plan B which is to escape with Nathalie abroad away from Onay and her family. The taxi driver stops and says he can’t continue the journey. So they got down and went into hiding. The henchman follows. At home,  Sali teases Onay with Lucas. Lucas and Nelia go into a building and hide as the men chase them. Nelia calls Onay and Sali picks up. She tells them their lives are in danger. Sali gives the phone to Onay. The men come and shoot. Onay heard the gunshot…Read more

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