Maila Learns Lucas Is Her Father. The Way To Your Heart Monday Pt1, 11 July 2022


The episode begins with Maila overhearing that Lucas and Vincent are having a conversation about Lucas r@ping her mother. Maila gets shocked and asks Lucas, is it true? Are you my father, is it true that you are the one who r@ped my mother? Lucas says Maila let me explain. But Vincent stops him and tells him to shut his mouth on the issue. 

But Lucas tells him that Maila deserves to know the truth. Vincent warns Lucas and leaves. Lucas takes Maila to one side and consoles her. Maila looks at Lucas with sadness written over her face. Maila asks Lucas is it true that he is the r@pist? Lucas nods in agreement. Maila looks on. 

At home Natalie is speaking with Onay about Lucas and Elvin and her love life regarding the duo. Lucas tries explaining himself to Maila. Maila is angry at Lucas for doing such a thing, for being the reason why her mother has suffered so much. That she is behind the demise of Elvin. Maila beats Lucas, Lucas holds her but Maila scolds him and tells him to leave her. Maila leaves Lucas and goes.  Maila is crying as she goes. 

Lucas comes into his car where Hector is waiting. He asked where Maila is, and if Maila has learnt the truth. Lucas tells Hector all that has happened. Maila is speaking with his goons when Helena comes and asks how was the relationship? Vincent says can you believe Maila has bought an engagement ring for Onay? Helena says that the gold digger has finally gotten through. 

Helena says I guess the wedding is finally on the way, and says this is a juicy story. Natalie shows the family picture of them to Onay and says now our house is finally a family. Maila comes home very sad. Nelia says Lucas is such a good man for Onay. Kiana sees the look on Maila’s face and says hey bestie what’s that look on your face? Onay asks what’s wrong Maila? 

As Maila was about to explain, Lucas went home. Maila days it’s sir Lucas, she cries. Onay asks what has Sir Lucas done? Flashback shows the moment Lucas saved Onay and her life. Onay tells Maila that Lucas is like a father to her so whatever it is she is her mother too so she can say. Maila remembers all that Lucas has done for them and decides not to say. 

She tells Onay that she is just happy for the engagement. Everyone is relieved. Nelia says so this is the reason you got us worried? 

Helena tells Vincent, come on now Vincent, am dying to know the truth. Vincent says, Helena! You are dying to know the truth right? Helena says uh huh. But Vincent ignores Helena. Vincent is drunk, he calls Lucas but it was unreachable.

He called again and it went through. Helena hides and eavesdrops on their conversation. Soleng tells Helena that this is a bad idea, Vincent is a dangerous man. Helena but I need to know the secret, it’s about Onay and Lucas so I have to be the one to break both of them. Vincent still was unable to reach Lucas and he gave up. Helena, finding Vincent is not of himself, goes to him and pour him more wine to extract the information she wants from him. 

Vincent also unknowingly tells Helena about Lucas’ first s3rkz experience was with a little person, Onay Manktaya, Helena is shocked.