Helena Begs For Mercy! The Way To Your Heart Monday pt1, 4 June 2022

The episode begins with thieves snatching Helena’s bag away. Helena loses everything she had. She tells Soleng to stop a taxi so they will get away from there. Onay comes to Natalie and finds her sitting quietly. She tells her she knows it’s Helena she is thinking about. Natalie assures her that it is so though she will always be with them and never leave their side. 

They hug. Helena brings Soleng to her new home. Soleng is impressed. Helena tells her it’s her investment she used to buy the house, Onay thinks she can win over her. Soleng defends Onay. Helena says what’s wrong with you? Can you just stop defending them? She says Helena Montenegro is still on top. 

Agartha learns that Helena is using her new house. She says I want to feel sorry for Helena. She is after all my best friend but she brought this upon herself and I want her to learn her lesson. Helena is still drinking wine and would not learn her lesson. She says I lost everything because of Onay and her family. Soleng asks if their house cannot be renovated? 

Helena tells her it’s beyond repairs. Helena is driving down the road when she sees someone standing in the middle of the road. She blows the horn but the male figure will not move. She gets down and asks what is wrong with you? The person turned and it was Dante. She says Dante but you are dead? Dante’s spirit pounced on Helena. She screams and wakes up from her dream. Helena gets thinking. 

Helena goes to the bank to withdraw cash but she is told her account is empty. Helena says I have another account here. But the manager tells her her account has been freezed. Lucas and Onay look on as Helena leaves the bank. The board of the Happy Hearts foundation went for a meeting. Agartha addresses the board and apologizes for what Helena did. 

She then informs them that the debt has been taken care of as Helena’s bank account has been freezed. 

Helena comes there and asks that she speak to Agartha but Agartha shuts her up. She begs and says I didn’t expect this was going to happen. Agartha tells her that doesn’t justify what you did, what is at stake here is that you didn’t inform us, and you used the money for your own personal interest. Helena leaves in shame. Agartha looks disturbed as everyone looks on. 

Natalie looks at pictures of the moments she has with Helena. Maila comes and sees her and asks, do you miss your mommy? Natalie hides the pictures, Maila tells her that there is no need for her to hide it. Natalie says she just wants her out of her life. Maila consoles her. All these while, Lucas and Onay followed Helena. 

She enters a restaurant and orders food. She gives her credit card to the waitress. A friend comes to Helena and says I heard you have been sacked from the foundation, is it true? Helena says no, it’s not, don’t believe everything you hear. The waitress comes to Helena and informs her that her card has been declined. 

She tells Helena if she can pay in cash. Helena asks her to try it again as it might be offline. Helena denies several times about being sacked from the academy. Her friend asked what happened to your face? Again Helena lied that it was just a scratch from her cat. The waitress comes to Helena and informs her that her card was again declined. The lady says it’s fine Helena, it’s over the news, don’t deny it. Do you want me to pay your bills?

She says no, thank you. The lady then leaves. Helena tells the waitress that she will bring her cash later but she says management policy doesn’t allow it. Helena looked through her back but there was no money, everything in her bag fell down and Onay appeared and offered her credit card. Helena says what are you doing here Onay? 

She says I came to help you. Onay gives the card to the waitress but Helena hits it off. She says what kind of card is it? National ID or what? Onay replies, platinum card with limitless credit. Helena speaks ill of her. Helena embarrassed herself infront of customers there. She pours the soap on Onay. 

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