Onay Fears For Nathalie’s Life. The Way To Your Heart Monday Pt2, 13 June 2022

The episode begins with Nathalie seeing Dante asleep and sneaking to get her phone. She manages to take it and goes. She then calls Helena saying ma, answer the phone. Helena’s phone vibrates but she doesn’t see it as she is deep in thought. Soleng brings her food and says ma, your phone is ringing. She sees it was a call from Nathalie and answers it quickly. Nathalie tells her how aunty Nelia is making hell for her. She says mom please come here now. Maila saw her and was standing behind her. She snatches the phone from her. She says give me back the phone. Helena calls again but couldn’t get through. 

She calls Agartha and Agartha tells her I told you Onay and Nelia will never give up on Nathalie. Helena says that’s why I have to act fast. Agartha ask do you really want her dead? Helena says come on, I really want her dead. Soleng hears this. Helena says I will never see my daughter, Agartha. I want my daughter back. I can’t lose, Nathalie, you know that?

I will kill Onay. Agartha and Soleng get shocked. Maila and Nathalie fight, Nathalie says you don’t know what is best for me. The phone falls to the ground. They fight and Maila gets hurt. Helena calls the goon she has tasked with terminating Onay and tells him to update him of anything that happens. She says you are dead, I will get my Nathalie back. Maila and Nathalie’s fight intensifies. Onay scolds Rosemary this time. Nelia comes and takes the phone. She leaves. 

Nathalie goes into her room and starts throwing things saying how I am going to get my cell phone to call mommy now? I hate you aunty Nelia, I hate you. Onay cares for Maila and does the aid to her injured head. Nathalie is seen going downstairs. Onay calls her. Rosemary ran away from home. She takes a bicycle. Onay calls but there was no one at home. Onay chases her. The security man stops Nathalie. Onay comes and meets her. She tells her she is going to her mother, Helena. 

Maila and Nelia come home. They ask where Onah is. Maila calls Onay and she informs her what has happened. Onay then chases her. Agartha wakes Helena from sleep. She says I had a bad dream. Agartha asks, are you thinking about Onay? She says this is not about Onay, this is about Nathalie. If I don’t do something, she will take Nathalie for good.

 Agartha again asked Helena to consider her decision of killing Onay. Helena says we have already had this conversation. Agartha says I am just worried, Helena. She says with your feud with Onay, you will be the suspect. Helena says anybody can assume but there is no way they will know the truth. I hope you will not betray me. 

Agartha says my loyalty is with you, Helena. Helena says thank you but this conversation is now over. Maila calls and Soleng answers from Helena’s home asking about Onay. Helena asks who were you talking with Soleng? She says Maila called to ask about Onay. Onay is still chasing after Nathalie. Nathalie gets tired of riding. She falls down from the bicycle. Onay goes to her and asks to take her to the hospital. Nathalie falls unconscious suddenly. 

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