Dante Replies Helena- The Way To Your Heart Thursday, 19 May 2022


As Dante was searching for Onay, the henchman tailed him but Helena has warned his goon not to shoot or do anything that she has not ordered him not to.

Helena, Agatha and her henchman were in a room. Agatha advised Helena to take k!lling out of her revenge but Helena was poised to k!ll if the need arose since she did not want the truth about Natalie’s identity to be revealed but hoped she would not use that method to keep the secret.

Onay informed the family about how she disgraced Helena and Sally laughed. Kiana introduced the queen of the Christmas Maila Matayog to everyone and they gave her a standing ovation while they clapped. Onay recalled the young Maila when she was crowned as part of the town’s tradition to roam and greet people.

Helena called Dante and he said he had kept his mouth shut and would not tell anyone about the secret. He asked for his money and Helena said she was signing the cheque since Dante had convinced her that he was willing to keep the secret.

As Dante was communicating with Helena, Nelia bumps in and asks Helena? What business do you have with Helena? Soleng was looking at a picture and remembers how Rosemary was taken away from Onay. Her colleague comes and asks what are you looking at? She hides the picture and says it’s nothing. After she leaves, he removes the picture and looks at it.