Nathalie Blames Maila For Her Blindness. The Way To Your Heart Thursday, 5 May 2022

The episode begins with Nathalie telling Maila, I don’t want you here, get out. Maila tries to explain. She says I don’t want to hear anything from you. Maila you betrayed me, after I risked my life for you, and you abandoned me. Maila says that’s not what happened, I never betrayed you, Nathalie scolds her that she is a betrayer.

Nathalie asks Maila to leave her alone. They cried. Maila says, am sorry Nathalie, she says get out, I don’t need your sorry and hits her. Nathalie hits her and the pole falls. Helena comes and scolds Maila saying is she trying to kill her?

 She says Nathalie, did she hurt you? She says mum, she’s taunting me. Helena drags her out saying you’ve done enough damage. She tells Nathalie, am sorry for letting her in, I didn’t see her coming, and says I will talk to the daughter. Luis in a car with her mother, she says technically, it’s not Maila’s fault but you know Nathalie, she really hurt Maila. 

Agartha says yes, and her mother Helena, always ready to put the blame on someone else, Luis says but you are friends mummy, she says alright, I wouldn’t want to be in Helena’s list of enemies. Luis asks, speaking of Helena, where is she? She says she is with Nathalie in the hospital. Dante and Nelia speaking. As they were speaking, Luis and her mother stopped by, she said Dante? What is he doing with Nelia? 

Kiana and Sali ask for Nathalie’s room number. Maila recalls the moment she had with Nathalie in the jungle and how they bonded together, but it seems their friendship was short-lived. Helena says you are still here? Why are you so stubborn, get out of here now. Kiana and Sali come, and ask what has Maila done? Helena says what happened at the island was no accident.

 Oliver says dad, you should have told me Nathalie is in the hospital and shouldn’t have to come with me always, Lucas says he is also concerned about Maila. Sali and Kiana advised Maila. Oliver and Lucas come, he says Maila, we are partially at fault for it, please don’t beat yourself so much for it. She says you should have been with someone else, Oliver.  She says what happened to her was her fault. Lucas says to Maila,it’s okay to feel guilty but you shouldn’t worry so much.

Nathalie is brought home, Helena says am taking you up the steps, I will count for you, she says one step, and Nathalie falls, she says Nathalie, are you okay? She says I’m not okay, am blind. She calls Soleng to help, and she assures her that very soon, she will be able to see. Helena receives a call, she says Nathalie, I will be right back. 

Agartha says Helena, you are in the hospital with Nathalie, why didn’t you tell me? She says could you believe that Maila went to the hospital? Agartha says, you wouldn’t believe what I am about to tell you. She says Agartha, am not in the mood for guessing games, what is it? She says your gardener, Dante, right? I saw him with Nelia.

Helena gets shocked and asks what? Lucas and Oliver get Maila home, Nelia remembers seeing Emelda with her lover, she tells Lucas she wants to have a word with him. Onay excuses them. She tells him, what I am about to tell is very difficult but… she says I was making rounds at the hospital to see Nathalie, and then I saw your wife with someone. 

Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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