Onay Is Brought Back To Life. The way To Your Heart Thursday pt1 16 June 2022

The episode begins with Lucas and the men digging the grave. Lucas hits something. He calls the men to come and check. They see the coffin and brings it out. They break it and Onay was found inside. Nathalie and Maila cries asking her to wake up. They quickly take her to the hospital. 

Doctor tells them to go out as they help Onay fight for her life. Nathalie hugs Maila and they cry together. Nelia calls Maila and asks her if they have seen Onay. Maila informs her that she has been admitted to the hospital. Dante asks why is she at the hospital? 

Helena kept calling Nathalie but the number was always busy. Helena says it’s always busy, can’t she text a reply? Agartha says I can sense some jealousy from here. Helena says am not jealous, why will I be jealous? Am angry. What the time for it to be busy? Agartha tells her, Helena, you still have Nathalie’s loyalty. And if it’s the only card you have left, you better play it well. Nelia and her family worried about the condition Onay must be in to be admitted at the hospital. They say it could be Helena’s doing again. 

Doctor tells them that Mrs. Manktaya is suffering from celebral hyposture. Oxygen supply to her brain is less. They are doing everything to stabilize her condition. Nathalie goes Onay at the ICU and remembers the love Onay has shown her and the moments she had with her. Nathalie sits by her. She held her hand cries and speaks softly with her. 

Nathalie tells her to please open her eyes and come back to life. Suddenly, her pulse starts reducing. Nathalie shouts to the doctors and nurses. She tells them something is happening to Onay. Doctors apply pressure to her heart, and finally, Onay gave up the ghost. Doctors reports her dead and note down her time of death as 11:20pm. Maila and Nathalie couldn’t believe it when the doctor tells them that Onay is dead. Lucas looks on sad. 

Helena says I don’t know what has happened to Onay but I still need to see my daughter. Agartha says Maila, Nelia and Dante are all there. Helena says I need to do something. Agartha says the most important thing is Nathalie is safe. Maila cries and Lucas beces speechless. Someone calls Helena. She says it’s Nathalie. She answers the person and says wrong number.

Helena says Agartha, I need to find Nathalie. Agartha says but we don’t know where she is now. Helena says and so, Nelia, Dante, Maila I don’t trust them. Agartha says her plan to kill Onay was such a bad one. Helena says well, did I have a choice, Agartha. She was a pain in the neck. Agartha says you are just creating a ghost that might hunt you in the end.

 Helena says and not anymore. Agartha looks at her. Maila scolds Nathalie for being the reason why their mother is dead. She taunts her. Nathalie was silent, realizing Maila is right about this. She says she is sorry. Lucas looks on not knowing what to do himself. Maila says all you can do is to say sorry, will your sorry bring mommy back to life? They all cry their hearts out. Helena calls Dante and asks where Nathalie is. Dante tells her she is at the hospital because of what she did to Onay. Helena is shocked. Agartha looks on. Onay’s pulse starts returning. 

They call the doctors to come and check. Doctor says mom, this is a miracle. Vital signs are stable. Nathalie hugs Maila that their mother defeats death and comes back to life. They both smile with joy. Agartha calls the killers and scolds them. Nelia and her family comes to the hospital and asks attorney where Onay is. 

Doctor comes and says her condition is stable. Lucas says what? But she is dead? Nelia asks what? Doctor says it’s okay, her condition is stable now, it was such a miracle. It’s what we call the Laserole syndrome. Doctor explains the terms. Everybody gets happy learning that Onay is back to life. Doctor says congratulations for a second life to her.

 Lucas meets with the police, he tells them Onay is currently unconscious and will inform them whe she gains consciousness. Nelia asks attorney, is the suspect Helena is Onay’s case? Lucas tells them they need evidence to be able to prove that. Helena is perplexed. Agartha says can you just relax, Helena? 

Helena says am thinking, Agartha. Helena says if Onay survives, she is going to take her away herself. Agartha shouts, Helena! She says well we don’t have any choice. But for now, am going to be compassionate and comforting as possible…Read more

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