Helena Shôôts Dante In The Hêárt. The Way To Your Heart Thursday pt1, 23 June 2022

The episode begins with Dante getting shot. Lucas and Natalie come. They inquired as to where Maila is. They told them the information they had another Maila’s body being found near the warehouse. Natalie and Lucas go to check where Maila’s supposed body was found. They are seen coming to the location. Natalie is worried about what might happen to Maila.

 Lucas tells her to pray that Maila is still alive. Police are seen bringing a body offshore. Nelia encourages Maila to eat something so she can stay strong. Onay was unable to eat remembering what Lucas said about a body supposed to be Maila’s body being found. She cries. Nelia consoles her. 

Lucas and Nathalie got down from their car to identify the body. Everyone looks on as they uncovers the body. Natalie says this is not Maila. She feels relieved. Lucas tells the police that we are sorry for what happened to her but this is not Maila’s body. Lucas and Natalie then go from there as the police take care of the body. 

Onay’s phone rings. Nelia answers and says it’s attorney, Onay asks Lucas did you see Maila? Lucas tells her that the body they found was not Maila’s. Onay feels relieved hearing this news. But then Onay still worries about the whereabouts of Maila. 

Police came to Helena’s house and took Dante’s body away. Soleng says what happened to Dante was very sad. Helena says then take his place. Helena feels scared. Agartha tells her that nothing will happen to you, you are safe now. Luise gives her water to cool down, and says does he really have to be killed? He could have just been injured. Helena says he was going to kill me, Luise. If the security didn’t rush in to shoot him, he could have easily killed me. 

Nathalie and Lucas in a car when her phone rang, she says Luise and answers the call. Luise says, hello Nat, don’t be shocked. It’s about your grandpa Dante, something happened. Nathalie says what? She is shocked. Lucas asks what happened? Nathalie looks on. She tells her that it’s Dante. Agartha says this won’t suite well with Onay and her family, and Nathalie. It’s her grandpa, how are you going to tell her? Helena says oh Nathalie, this will only prove that she is in a bad family, family of criminals. 

Rosemary and Lucas come home. Natalie goes to hug Onay with tears. Lucas tells them Dante went to Helena’s house and clashed with her. Nelia says that Dante will go there. Lucas says he’s gone, they ask what? He says he’s gone. Nelia says what has he gone to? Lucas gives them the bad news that Dante is dead. Nelia couldn’t believe it. Natalie says sorry for what happened to Dante. 

The security man who shot Dante goes to Helena and asks what he should do. Helena says just keep your mouth shut and you will be fine. Flashback shows the moment Dante was shot. Dante tells Helena that he would have to kill him or else he won’t forgive her. Helena says that can easily be done, Dante. She takes the gun from the security and shoots Dante at his heart in cold blood. 

Dante screams and finally lays cold. Helena paid the man to keep his mouth shut. Soleng looks on. She asks what envelope did she give to the man? Helena says that man saved my life, Soleng. Sali and Kiana come and ask Nelia and Nathalie why they are crying? Have they found Maila? Dante’s body is brought. Nelia removes the cover and there lies Dante’s dead body. 

She cries as everyone joins her. Helena in bed remembers how she shot Dante in cold blood. She says it was all your fault. Natalie bumps into her room. She says Natalie. Natalie says don’t call me, you were the one who kidnapped Maila and killed grandpa Dante, are you happy now? Helena says I have been telling you I have nothing to do with Maila’s disappearance. Natalie taunts her. She says because I had no choice, Natalie. 

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