Onay Fights For Her Life. The Way To Your Heart Thursday pt2, 16 June 2022

The episode begins with Helena going the hospital asking for Ronalyn Manktaya. Receptionist says he had no information that she should be allowed in. Helene says I am her mother in law. As she was speaking with the receptionist, Nelia and Dante comes there and Nelia scolds her. 

Nelia says she knows she knows something about what happened to Onay. Nathalie gives Maila water to drink saying she might be dehydrated from all those stress. 

Nathalie and Maila had a moment together and talks about their mother. Nathalie says she doesn’t want to lose their mother.

Helena and Nelia argue, Helena says I just came here to sympathize, so stop accusing me. 

Dante and Nelia scolds her and she turns to go. Helena at he feeling worried. Nathalie comes home. Helena says Nathalie, you are home? Helena says I thought I had lost you. Nathalie speaks her mind to Helena and then left. Onay is still battling for her life.

 Luise and Agartha goes to the hospital and Luise asks for Ronalyn Manktaya. Agartha says I thought you came to look for your friend, what is Helena learns of this? Luise tells her mother that aunty Onay is a good person. 

Agartha says are you feeling guilty coming to look at aunty Onay? Agartha says you are talking nonsense. Maila sees Luise and her mother and accuses Agartha that she being a friend of Helena, she is part of that conspiracy. Agartha says see Luise, coming here is a wastw of time, you come here out of sympathy and this what you get, a false accusation, Let’s go. 

Nathalie is sleeping when Helena goes to her and lies beside her. 

She wakes her up. Helena says sorry for waking you up and also says sorry I wasn’t there to protect you. She says don’t worry. Nathalie tells Helena, I don’t want Onay to die, and says ma, one more thing, please don’t hate her anymore. Helena says I don’t hate her. I fact I pray she gets well soon. Nathalie says thank you ma, I love you. Helena says I love you too, Helena looks on. Maila tells Lucas that Luise and her mother came to the hospital. Lucas is shocked…Read more

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