Maila Leaves Home With A Letter For Onay. The Way To Your Heart Tuesday, 1 February 2022

The episode begins with Maila going to her mother with the trophy in her hand, and calling her mother, mother, today after the singing competition in school, I became the champion and I was presented with this trophy. Maila tried giving the award to Onay who would never mind her because thoughts of Rosemary were running through her mind at that moment and she had no room for Maila. 

Maila wept and begs her to have a look at the trophy but she wouldn’t mind her. She placed the trophy down and left. Dante looks on. After Maila leaves, Onay picks up the trophy and stares at it. Onay goes to the park and places flowers behind Elvin’s grave. 

Onay leaves from there and sits on the sofa, she sleeps while sitting. Maila sees her and places a pillow on the sofa and rests Onay’s head on it and bigs her a goodnight. 

It’s morning, Onay sees Helena as she pays a visit to her late husband’s grave.  She calls on to her, and asks where Rosemary is. Helena tells her Rosemary is doing well in my arms. Onay scolds her. She tells Onay to move on and stop thinking of Rosemary because she will never see her. Helena said she hates to be rudely frank with her. 

Helena goes and Onay follows her calling her mama. But she asks her to stop following her and calling her mama, over her dead body, she can’t have a daughter like her. Onay holds her legs and begs her to allow her see her daughter, but Helena will not. She gets into her car and drives away. Dante and Maila see her chasing the car and call out to her. 

Onay vents her anger on Maila. Maila cries. Helena speeds off with Rosemary in her car. Rosemary who was then asleep wakes up and asks Helena where are they going? She tells her we are going home already and asks her to go back to sleep. Maila contemplates her pain to her grandmother. She tells her how her mother was shouting and running towards Helena’s car and calling Rosemary’s name. 

Grandma and Dante console her. Madam Soleng gets clothes for Natalie. Helena was talking with someone on the phone and thanked him/her for booking the flight for them. Natalie asks if they are travelling abroad and she replies yes, they have to leave. Natalie said she thought they will be staying longer but Helea said there have been some changes of plans. 

She calls Madam Soleng and speaks to her in private. She tells her she will be waiting outside for them. Onay has also come spying at Helena’s house. A car stops by. They get into the pickup to bypass security. She gets to the gates and shows a picture to the security man. They move about in the dark hoping to get a dropping. 

They found help from a man. They go to Helena’s house and knock at the door. The maid gets out and tells them there is no one in the house called Soleng or Rosemary. Onay threatens to call the police on her. She shuts the door and tells Onay. Onay stood at the door and kept on knocking. Helena and her family take their belongings and get into their car.

 They drove out and saw Onay at the door. Onay asks Madam Soleng to allow her to see Rosemary. But Helena drove the car off. Onay stood there and wept. Onay gets back home and hugs her mother and tells her how her daughter was taken away from her without her being able to do anything. Maila looks on. Onay sits thinking of Rosemary.

 Maila serves her food. But she tells her she is not willing to eat. Maila feeds her food but she hits the spoon away, and scolds her. Maila cries. 

Dante asks what has happened, and she tells him how her mother is hurting her, and how she doesn’t want to look at her face but is always thinking of Rosemary. Dante and her mother scolds her and tells her why doesn’t she want to accept Maila also but always hurting her? 

Onay wakes up the next morning and sees a letter on her desk. She reads it and it was from Maila who said she is leaving the house because she doesn’t feel welcomed as her mother’s child. Onay then gets worried for her and starts thinking of Maila….Read more¬†

Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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