Maila Is Not Elvin’s Daughter- DNA Test Reveals. The Way To Your Heart Tuesday, 22 March 2022: Episode 47

The episode begins with Helena dragging Nathalie after she fought with Maila and says what is going wrong with you, Nathalie. You shouldn’t stoop so low to that level. Nathalie defended herself and Helena says, Nathalie, she herself decided to have that DNA test. She tells Helena that will spoil my plan. Helena says, look at it this way, if it happens that she is Oliver’s daughter, nothing will change. You will always be my favorite daughter.

Don’t go out and mess around, stop this okay, it’s enough, trust me. Onay and Sali travelling in a cub. Helena welcomes the attorney and offered him a seat, he says thank you Mrs. Montenegro, you are the grandmother and you are the granddaughter, pointing to Maila. He asks, where is Mr. Montenegro, the grandfather? Helena replies, well he is deceased. 

Doctor says for the grand parentship test we need the grandfather and the grandmother and the grandchild to produce 99.9% but since he is not available, we will just do the test. We will just find out the accuracy after the result is out. Helena asks when will the test results be out?

 The man says I will put your case on priority and we will have the results in one week. Nathalie looks on. Maila signs and Helena also signs, they take their DNA samples for the test. Soleng looks on too. The security asks Onay questions, she says she just came for her daughter and no one can stop her. She goes. Onay enters and says, Maila. Maila and everyone looks shocked. 

Oliver’s sister brings homework to him to help her solve it. It was related to r@pe victims. Lucas looks on. He remembers what happened between him and Onay. Onay takes Maila, Maila says sorry and she takes her away. Helena tells them they’re doing a DNA test, Onay asks them to bring the samples but they send it away. Helena scolds her. 

Helena then orders her to get out. Helena hugs Nathalie and says, don’t worry, this will be over soon, I hope. Imelda was speaking with Lucas about a complicated case of a client but Lucas was turned off. Imelda notices and says hey! What’s wrong? Lucas replies, it’s nothing. Imelda still insisted, please you can tell me whatever is bothering you. 

Onay scolds Maila for going to Helena and doing the DNA test with her.  But Maila says she wanted to know the real truth. Maila looks at Elvin’s picture and says she had to do this DNA test to know the real truth, if he is his father or not. Maila sees someone and goes to him, but he vanishes, it was his illusion of seeing Elvin. Helena is called on the phone. Agartha asks what’s it? 

Helena says the DNA results are in Agartha. Maila is with her friend when Helena calls her and informs her. They all meet with the Doctor and tell him to reveal the test results. The doctor takes out the paper from the envelope. Everyone’s face is shown. Oliver calls Kiana and asks if she has seen Maila. He said he called her phone but couldn’t reach her. Kiana lied. Oliver asks if she is okay, and asks Kiana, are you guys hiding something from me? 

The doctor read, the alleged grandparents are excluded from the biological parents of the tested child. The alleged grandparents lack the genetic markers that must be contributed to the child by the biological grandparents. The probability of grandparentship is zero percent. Onay asks what does that mean. Helena says, I have forgotten to tell you, please can you explain in lame man’s terms? The doctor explains that Helena is not the grandparent of Maila. Helena says that means Elvin is not the father of Maila. Nathalie says, you see mommy? I told you. Helena tells them now they can all get out of her office. Episode ends. 

Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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