Maila & Onay Escapes From Kídnáppérs. The Way To Your Heart Tuesday Pt1, 7 June 2022: Episode 123


The episode begins with Maila telling the men that she needs to take her mom to the hospital as she is suffering. Dante sees the car the kidnappers used and points to Lucas that that is their car. Maila shouts to the kidnappers that her mom needs urgent medical care. 

They came in and took them. Maila hit the goons, she fought with them and they escaped. Their boss comes and scolds them for allowing them to escape. They all run after them.

Hector says who would have kidnapped Onay? Dante tells that this must be Helena’s doing. Sali and Kiana worry for Maila and Onay. Kiana tells Sali that it’s possible Helena is behind all these. She says how can this be possible? Helena is in jail. Kiana tells why she believes it’s Helena’s doing. Maila and Onay walk down the road.

Maila hides Onay behind a tree. The men come and catch up with her but she manages to outsmart and beat them. Maila runs away, they follow her and she hides behind the bushes. Their car passes by. Kiana cries and worries for Maila. She remembers all the moments they had together. Sali tells her not to cry because nothing will happen to her friend, Maila. 

As they worry for them, suddenly, Saki’s phone rings. It was Maila. Maila tells her to bring help to them. She asks for her location. Maila says she doesn’t know where they are. Sali says how can we know then. Maila remembers seeing a sign board and tells Sali about it. She tells her she will call  attorney Lucas just now. 

Maila then sees the goons coming and tells her that Helena’s goons are coming. Onay comes out of hiding and sees Rosemary. Onay asked her to help them. She points to Maila who was lying helpless. Onay lends hands to Nathalie. Nathalie walks to Maila. Onay cries and asks for Nathalie’s help. Nathalie offers a hand to Maila. She picks her up. They look at their faces and hug. It was all Onay’s imaginations. Sali calls Lucas and informs him about the location Maila gave them. Kidnappers catch Onay again. Lucas arrives at the location. 


Nelia prays for her family’s safety. She had a heart attack. The goons catch Maila. Lucas also arrives there. The goons shoot at him. He got into his car and chased them. Onay faints in the car. Maila worries for her. Nelia regains consciousness.