Nathalie Learns The Truth About Her Identity. The Way To Your Heart Wednesday Pt1, 25 May 2022: Episode 107

The episode begins with Nathalie and Wendy toasting to their victory. Luise looks on. Nathalie asks, Luise , why won’t you cheer with us. She says can’t we just go home? Maila comes there. She calls Nathalie and pours juice on her face. Nathalie bgets mad. They fight. Nathalie picks a chair to throw at her. Nathalie dodges. They had a fight. Onay and Lucas comes there and sees them fighting. Onay says Maila, don’t fight. She is your sister, Rosemary. Nathalie, Maila and everyone gets shocked. 

Onay cries. Everyone looks on. For a moment everyone was quiet. Nathalie says no, we are not sisters. Onay calls Nathalie but she won’t go. Lucas also comes there and says what she said is true. Nathalie says and what’s your proof? Helena calls but Luise picks up the phone. Helena says where is Nathalie, she intentionally gave me a wrong address. 

Luise tells her what’s going on that Maila is refusing to go home and she is having a grudge with Maila. Helena says tell her to stop whatever she is doing. I need to speak with her. She tells Helena that Onay has come there and what’s going on is that she says Maila and Nathalie are sisters. Helena get shocked. She felt like crying. 

Nathalie tells Onay, you will never be my mom. Onay tells her you are my daughter. Elvin and me, our daughter Rosemary. Nathalie says stop calling me that. Onay still begs her. She says I am not Rosemary, and you will never be my mom. She tells her friends to come so they go. They leave.  Dante and Maila converse about the issue. Flashback shows the moment the doctor was saying that Maila is not the daughter of Elvin. 

Flashback also shows what Nathalie has done against Maila. Helena is in her car. She gives the address to her driver. She says if Onay convinces Nathalie, then they are doomed. She tells the driver. You are not driving too fast enough. She says Nathalie, I am coming back for you. Nathalie struggles with Oany and pushes her. Nathalie and her friends are in the car. Nathalie says I can’t believe that woman is saying I am her daughter.

 Wendy says she must be crazy. Luise says what if she is telling the truth. Nathalie shouts at her that God forbid. Wendy drove the car and almost crashed. Suddenly the brakes worked. Nathalie says I thought we were going to die. It was Helena’s car they were about to crush. She says Oh My God, girls. See mommy? Helena goes there and tells her to get down.

 Nathalie says oh my God we are so dead. Helena goes to the car and says come down. She says mom, am sorry we just want to have fun. Helena hugged her. She says I thought I lost you. Nathalie says I thought you were mad at me? She says yes, I was mad at you before because I was scared. I thought I was gonna lose you. She says I know you are young, you wanna have fun, you wanna party but don’t do it again. She says sorry. And says why are you crying? She says I’m not crying. 

Am just overwhelmed that I found you. And I heard Onay came there to say some things. And anytime that happens, I get so stressed. Wendy was starting the car but it was not starting. She says I think Onay is here. Onay and her family arrive. She calls Rosemary but she wouldn’t answer. Lucas says it’s just a waste of time. Let’s go. 

They got in their car and went. Helena and Nathalie go. Helena asks the driver to go to the airport. Nathalie asks, what are we going to do at the airport? Helena says we are going to Alice and once we get the ticket, we are leaving for France. Nathalie says mum, I wanna school here. Please don’t tell me we are leaving for good. Nathalie says I am not going anywhere. 

Helena says I have made my decision. Nathalie says then leave without me. She got out of the car. Helena drags her. She says what’s your point? Is it about Oliver? Nathay says no, it’s not about Oliver, I lost him to Maila. This is about my happiness. This is about my friends. Helena says we have to leave. We don’t want any issues with Onay. Nathalie says well that’s your problem. Helena says reverse your actions. Get back in the car. Nathalie gets in and they go. Lucas and Onay follow Helena. They gave her a hot chase. Helena says stop this already. You are crazy Onay. Nathalie says Onay says you lied about Rosemary, is that true? Is telling the truth? Helena is shocked…Read more

Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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