Till Love Do Us Apart Monday, 18 October 2021 Episode 1 started with Riddhima telling Sejal about destiny. Sejal said what’s fate that our parents left us, we are here in an orphanage. Riddhima said maybe there was some reason, you are a successful party planner today and I am a successful physiotherapist.

She showed a ring and said I didn’t understand the meaning of parents, but Kabir taught me the meaning of love, that someone is with you always. She said I will propose to Kabir today. Sejal said you could have proposed to a rich guy.

Riddhima said love and security is more important than love, Kabir is simple, he is a family man, harmless, the kind of guy I wanted. She looked at Kabir’s picture and said I will start a non-adventurous life with my PT teacher.

Kabir was seen on his mission. He got down the speedboat. He said two things are important to me, my Riddhima and my nation. The man said you can’t disclose to Riddhima that you are a secret agent, but PT teacher, is this a profession, tell her the truth after catching Vansh.

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Kabir said Vansh is the aim of my life. Kabir went onto a boat. He fought with some goons. Kabir looked at the gold and asked the man will he become a witness. The man said Vansh won’t let me live and he died. Vansh was on the way and asked about the raid. His man said no one took your name.

Vansh said interesting, Kabir thinks he will win, but he doesn’t know that I don’t lose. Riddhima crossed the road and came in front of Vansh’s car. Vansh applied the brakes and left. The man asked are you okay?” Vansh said a girl wanted to die, but she was saved. Riddhima came to meet Kabir.

Riddhima asked Kabir are you fine, how did you get hurt and he recalled the fight. He said our team lost the volleyball match, I was upset and got hurt, why did you call me, are you fine. She said yes, where you are, is everything fine there. She went on her knees. He asked what are you saying.

She said I didn’t love anyone except you, I just love you and want to spend a beautiful life with you, where there is just you, me and our love, I want to see your face every morning, becoming part of your life, seeing myself become us and she showed the ring and he smiled. She asked will you marry me?”

A kid asked him to leave the place if he doesn’t want to marry. Kabir held Riddhima’s hand and he said I love you. He said I love you too, I am so lucky that you love me, he got a call but he disconnected it and he got a message. He read it

Agent Neha is ready to go to the party where diamond smuggling is happening. He said I need some time, I promise I will answer everything and tell you what you don’t know. She asked what, are you married, do you have children.

He said no, I will meet you tonight. She said sometimes night get long and life got short, what if I die then, He said nothing will happen to you, please wait for me. She said fine, same time, same place, where we often meet. He said it’s my promise, you know, I don’t promise, when I do, I don’t break it and he kissed her forehead and left.

She got a call from Sejal. Sejal said I can’t organize party at two places, you go to Vansh Rai Singhania’s place. Riddhima said I have to meet Kabir tonight. Sejal said please you can go later, you have good experience in planning parties, for my sake. Riddhima said what name did she say, Vansh Rai Singhania.

Vansh was seen arriving for the party in his private yacht. Riddhima decorated the place. Vansh said we should crack the deal with Chang today and he shouted. Riddhima turned towards her and fire ignited on the bar counter. Vansh starred at her.

He scolded her. Riddhima said you please point out what’s disorganized here. He said white colour has grace, all the flowers that’s not white. She said white colour has loneliness, I like the flowers, I don’t like your tone, you need to change it. He said that’s your problem.

She said exactly, that’s your problem, who doesn’t like the decoration here. He said I don’t like it. She said be it, everyone likes it, the party owner also likes it, who are you to take the footage. He stopped his man and he said very interesting and left.

She looked at Vansh’s picture and said oh no, it means, I am such a fool to argue with the owner. Agent Neha recalled Kabir’s words. She danced at the party. Neha clicked Vansh’s pictures using the hidden camera in her locket. Chang came there to meet Vansh.

Kabir said business tycoon Vansh has links with Chang. Vansh met Chang. He looked for Riddhima around. Neha kept an eye on Vansh. Chang and Kabir had a deal and Chang left. Vansh asked for Riddhima. The waiter asked Riddhima to go, Sir is calling her. Riddhima said maybe he got to know that I broke the vase. She went and said you
called me.

Vansh said lies are beautiful, so it doesn’t hurt the eyes, but the heart, its my mistake to give you a chance, you cheated me. He starred at Neha. Riddhima kept her dupatta at the bar counter. Neha picked it and went to meet Vansh. A man scolded Riddhima for breaking the costly vase. Riddhima said I will pay for the loss, give me some time, I will come.

Vansh scolded Neha for cheating him and he confronted Neha. He said I know you have clicked my pics while I was dealing with Chang and hee snatched the locket from her.

Riddhima went to Kabir. He asked what are you doing here. She said I came to organize the party on Sejal’s word, what are you doing here. He asked her to just leave. She asked what happened. He said I will meet you at the same time, same place, go right now, do as I say.

He sent her away and wore his armed jacket. The man said we lost our connection to Neha. Neha said I am upset that I lost. Vansh said deceive can be beautiful, but won’t get my forgiveness or pity and Neha cried. Vansh threw her down the lighthouse. Kabir heard her scream.

He looked on and ran to her. He asked her to keep her eyes open. Neha said I lost, I just hope that someone cuts Vansh’s wings and his high flight and Neha died. Kabir cried for her. He shouted Vansh.

He said sorry, I couldn’t save you, who will help us in catching Vansh. Riddhima made Vansh’s board fall down.

Kabir said I want someone to catch Vansh, can you become my enemy for my love. Vansh and Kabir fought. Riddhima said I can do anything for you Kabir. Riddhima went to meet Vansh. He said my eyes will be on you.


The Episode started with Kabir following Vansh. Vansh said nice meeting you Kabir and drove to his place. Kabir looked for him. He shot at Vansh. Vansh came in front. Vansh said death is scared of me. Kabir said just one bullet is enough to kill you.

Vansh said then don’t shoot, because I won’t die, you would have hurt that a wounded tiger is dangerous than a tiger. Kabir said I can shoot you right now. Vansh said the game has just begun, players like to play, not end the game. Kabir asked him to surrender. Vansh asked him to give it up. Kabir said storm doesn’t last for long, you killed my dedicated cop.

Vansh said martyrs had no price, that I do the payment, that girl cheated me, death is the punishment for cheat. Kabir said you will die. Vansh said very interesting…. Riddhima looked at the ring and said our life will have a new start today. She recalled Kabir’s words and said none can make us away, please come soon.

Vansh said imagine this is a court and I am the judge, you would need substantial proof, what do you have to arrest me, there was no witness in the lighthouse cabin, there was just that girl and me, sorry, no proof, no witnesses, get habitual to lose Kabir, because I got to win.

Kabir asked him not to have any bad habit. Vansh said you think from the heart, I think from the mind, heart can cheat, but not mind, my dear friend Kabir, I won’t come in your hands. Kabir said we are just two, there won’t be any witness. Vansh threw some capsule bomb and flee.

Kabir looked for him. Riddhima waited for Kabir. Her ring fell down and she became worried. Vansh bashed up Kabir and they had a fight. Kabir threw sand in his eyes. Vansh tied up a cloth to his eyes and signalled Kabir to come and they fought. Kabir was much hurt and he became dizzy.

Riddhima cried holding the ring and asked Kabir to come soon. Vansh removed the blindfold. He asked do you have someone to inform, good bye. He said mum used to say, don’t play with fire, it can burn you to ashes. He ignited the fire around Kabir and left.

Riddhima cried and waited for Kabir. Kabir came there in a wounded state and she was shocked. She shouted Kabir and rushed to hold him. Vansh came home. The servant was scared to offer him water. Vansh looked at him and drank the water.

A lady came downstairs and cared for his wound. She asked how did this happen. She looked at his assistant. Vansh said it was not his mistake, I went alone. She did the aid. She said maybe this wound doesn’t pain you, I feel the pain when you get hurt, I am always scared that something may happen to you or this family.

He said fear is another name for weakness, anyone can fall weak, but not a mother, my mum can never fall weak. His uncle came and said if anyone hurts you, then that man would be dying, I am proud of you.

Vansh’s cousin Aryan said cheers to the hero, killer businessman, I am celebrating my cousin’s big deal with Chang, I got a news, a lady cop caught him, not bad, salute to women power. Vansh said she is in heaven now, I kept a champagne bottle, I will celebrate when you do something.

He taunted Aryan. Uncle asked Aryan to respect his elder brother. Aryan said give me a chance to show what’s respect, I will show everyone.

Riddhima said I am so glad that you are fine now. Kabir said really sorry, I couldn’t tell you that I am not a PT teacher, but a CBI agent, I was helpless to hide it. She said I felt I love a simple man, now I know that you are a soldier, superhero and they smiled.

He proposes to her. He said I have just two things in my life, my nation and you, I am an orphan, but my country gave me an identity and purpose of life, you gave me much love, I thought this day would be the most beautiful, but it’s not, Vansh came between in our happiness, I lost chance to catch him, I lost my department’s noble officer, she is no more with us, it’s not the first mission in which I failed.

She said you will win tomorrow, I am sure. He showed her a ring with their pics.

He said I thought when I go away on some mission, I will leave this with you, to show I am always with you, I am going to ask something big. She said ask and see, I can go to any extent for your love.

He said it won’t be so easy, it’s painful, it will be a big sacrifice, sometimes our duty becomes so big that we have to give away our love, I am after Vansh for about two years, I have to catch him, I hate him a lot, you were my weakness, now I want to make you my strength, my biggest weapon.

I can’t attack Vansh from outside, he should be broken from within, he should trust someone, I need someone who isn’t from police and secret agents, I want someone who helps me in catching Vansh, I can just trust you.

I thought to keep you away from every difficulty, I am putting you in a big trouble, knowing maybe we will win or everything will end, can you go close to my enemy for the sake of my love.

She cried and said you don’t know what you are asking me. He said I need to know. She said I love you, I am ready to do anything for you. He said I love you too. They had a moment. Riddhima got ready to go to Vansh. She recalled Kabir telling him about Vansh’s businesses and smuggling.

He said it will be challenging to be with such a person, everything will end if you make a mistake. She said it’s hard to stay away from you. He said we have no choice, you have to go on Vansh’s cruise like a party planner, it’s a right chance to face him.

She asked if I get caught. He said I promise, I won’t let anything happen to you, you are much precious to me, more than my life. Kabir looked at her going inside the ship. She cried and wiped her tears. They saw Vansh standing on the top.


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