Ridhima Challenges Vansh. Till Love Do Us Apart Thursday, 21 October 2021: Episode 4-5


Episode 4 She nodded and thanked him. She forwarded her hand and Vansh shook her hands. Aryan and Ishani looked on. Aryan said there will be a major twist in our story after the break. Ishani said she is happy that Vansh protected her, she doesn’t know that Vansh’s love is more dangerous than his enmity. Vansh brought Siya for breakfast. Uncle said we can’t have simple food if we arrange such a lavish breakfast. Maa said that’s why, Vansh got the title of king of the sea. Vansh asked Siya to eat well. He saw Riddhima working and recalled their dance.

Siya said she is a nice girl, she is also a good physiotherapist. Vansh said talk later, have your breakfast. Riddhima thinks where did that clip go, did it fall into the sea, how will I contact Kabir, it’s better that it fell down into the sea than getting into someone’s hands. Vansh came to her. She stepped back and they had a moment. She said some people come in your life for two reasons, either they change your life or you have strength to change their life, I want you as Siya’s physiotherapist, make her fit and fine, you have to make her stand on her feet, you may get anything you want. Riddhima said no, sorry I can’t accept your offer, Siya is a nice and warm person, I can’t work at the place where I was doubted to kill someone, I would like to end the work and leave, the ship would be at Mumbai port and our journey will end, I don’t want to make this journey long, thanks, I can’t accept this offer and she left recalling Kabir’s words to refuse Vansh’s offer. Vansh recalled Riddhima’s words and he looked at her. She talked on the phone and he got a call. He said tell me. Andre said I am outside Riddhima’s hostel room, I checked her entire room. Vansh asked so this is her truth, very interesting. Riddhima thinks to talk to Kabir. She got the car charger. Kabir said did he doubt Riddhima. Riddhima said I lost the network. The driver said there is phone jammer in this area. She asked which area is this. She was taken to VR mansion. She said I didn’t enter this address, I had no plan to come here. The lady said VR is waiting for you, come. Riddhima thinks how can this happen, I have placed Kabir’s address and reached Vansh’s house. Vansh came and said I decide the destination, no matter what the route is.

He welcomed her. She said you should welcome if anyone comes by his/her own wish. He said it depends on my wish. She asked don’t you differentiate between humans and things. He said it depends on humans and on my mood, what price a person has. She asked why did you call me here. He said I had given you an offer. She said I said no, I don’t want to work with you. He said I didn’t ask your wish, I told my decision. She said I choose my work and employ myself, my decision is still the same, I don’t want to work here. Vansh said you have to hear my order, get habitual. She said you get habitual to hear my refusal. He said you said 500rs per session, you can earn a lot in a month here. She said you are a businessman, you didn’t understand who runs after money and who doesn’t, I don’t compromise with my ethics for the sake of money, good bye and she started leaving.

He looked on. Siya stopped her. She asked her to accept the offer and not leave. She said when I met you for the first time, I felt you are like my family. Riddhima said fine and held her hand. Siya thanked her. Riddhima thinks I have made my place in Vansh’s life. She asked when shall I join. Vansh said from today, right away, you will stay here, our entire staff stays here, don’t stress. She said I have to go home and pick my stuff. He said that won’t be needed, come with me and she left with him. She was shocked seeing her room set the same way as her hostel room. She thinks how did he recreate the hostel room exactly, does he know my truth.


The Episode started with Riddhima worrying that Vansh might see Kabir and her pic. Vansh said this frame and he left to see it. She thinks he has seen Kabir’s pic and knows who I am, he knows my truth. He asked how do you know her, what’s your relation with her. She thinks who has changed this pic. Kabir has changed the pic before Andre came with the men to take her stuff. Vansh asked for her answer. She said Sejal. He said who is she. She said she is my best friend, I stay with her and she took the frame from him. She said if your questions are over, then I would like to start the work, Siya’s treatment. He asked how is your fiance. She said I am not engaged. He asked really. She said if I was engaged, then I would have known it before you.

He held her hand and saw the ring mark on her finger. He said interesting, this finger is showing a story that you used to wear a ring, then where did the fiance go. She asked him not to doubt. She lied that the ring was tight, so she had to remove it, heart relations are not depended on any ring, maybe he also has any best friend and he left. She shuts the door. She said that pic used to show me that you are around. Kabir burnt the pic. He said our precious memories are burning, I promise Vansh will also burn in this fire one day, I am burning our every memory in this fire.

He burnt their pics. Riddhima cried and said I don’t have any sign of you, except this, none can see this, even then you will be close to my heart. She checked the transmitter in the make up kit. She recalled Kabir’s words. She thinks why isn’t this working. She said I will have no answer if anyone sees me. She left out and thinks of trying to get the signal. A lady called her out. She said come with me. Riddhima worried. Vansh’s mum asked since when did you started doing this. Ishani taunted her. Aryan said good, you have come here. Uncle said maybe Vansh thought about it.

Vansh brought Siya there. He said I appointed Riddhima for Siya’s treatment. Maa said we don’t know anything happen her. She told all the rules to Riddhima. Dadi said if she has studied medicine, she will know her work. Riddhima said don’t worry, I will do my work well. Dadi invited her for lunch. Ishani said don’t know what happened to everyone. Riddhima said it’s not needed. Siya asked her to come and sit. Ishani said I won’t sit next to her. Riddhima sat there. Her make up kit drops. Aryan picked it. He showed it to everyone. Vansh asked what’s this, and how did you get it. Andre pointed gun at her. Vansh said not so easily, none has breached Vansh’s security till now. Vansh points gun at her and she cried.