Ridhima Take Back Her Place In VR Mansion. Till Love Do Us Part 11 March 2022, Friday Pt2: Episode 168


The episode started with Riddhima finding a note that said this is not a prank. Vansh came to storage room in the basement and looked for something. Riddhima continued reading the note that said Vansh knows about her parents. She thinks why Vansh didn’t talk to her about it. She decided to talk to him and Kabir smiled.

Vansh took out a box and opened it. There was a locket inside it. He looked at it and recalled Riddhima having the other half. He said if Riddhima finds out about this locket, then everything will be over. He can’t allow anyone to come between him and his love. Riddhima was thinking if Vansh knew, then he would tell. She’s confused whether Vansh knows anything. He took the locket and placed it in his pocket. He said now no one will find out about the past. Riddhima was searching for Vansh and the Lights went off. She went to the basement.

Kabir said now it will be fun. She saw a shadow and walked in, but no one was there. She wondered whose shadow was it then. She found a note there which asked whether she fully knows her husband. She wondered whether this has connection with her parents’ secret. She thinks of not asking Vansh anything about it as after long, situation has improved between them. Kabir watched and said he just needs to wait until Riddhima loses her patience.

Angre wondered who wants to create doubt in Riddhima’s mind. Ishani, Aryan, and Chanchal said she will start with new spying now. Angre said they are over thinking. Ishani said he can make them quiet, but how he will make Riddhima quiet. She will surely try to find out the secret. But if this time, she hurts Vansh, then she won’t spare her. Chanchal agreed saying this time it’s about her parents.

Riddhima was thinking those letters are trying to create difference between her and Vansh. She saw Vansh’s jacket and picked it up to put it away. Vansh saw and recalled him putting the locket in that jacket’s pocket. He run and grabbed it. As Riddhima doesn’t doubt, he makes her wear the jacket and said he wants to spend romantic time with her without any disturbance. It’s been a while. He tried to take out the locket, but she went back holding the jacket.

She said she won’t let him come close that easily. He pulled her to him, sat on his knees and kissed her belly. She took the jacket and placed it over their heads and he managed to take out the locket. They were about to kiss, but he slipped and they fell on the bed. She saw the locket and compared with hers. She said it’s the other part of her locket. One part remained with her and other was with her mother. How the other half of the locket is with him?

He said she told him once that she only has half, so he made the other half with a jeweler as he knows how important that locket is for her. He wanted to surprise her by giving it as a gift. She hugged him and said it’s the best gift ever. He gave her childhood back. He thinks sorry, I had to lie. There was no option. You have no idea how much I love you. I cannot take risk of losing you. I cannot see you going away from me ever. She thanked him again and decided to give the rest of evening to him. She asked to go out for dinner and he said sure.

It’s morning. Riddhima came out of the shower. She dropped water on his face with her wet hair and smiled. He woke up and pulled her to him. She said someone will see. He said the door is locked. It’s such a beautiful morning. If he could get a kiss, then it would be perfect morning. He further said if she doesn’t give him a kiss, then he won’t leave her. She tricked him and released herself and went to get ready. He made her wear earnings and then a mangalsutra. He got a call and went to attend to it. She found a note from her jewelry box. She quietly read and it’s again about the parent’s secret. It asked her to start from place where she grew up. She thinks this is getting complex. She thinks about the orphanage.

She decided against talking to Vansh about it. Vansh’s call ended. She asked if she should make breakfast. He said ok and she left. Kabir grabbed her hand. She asked how dare he. He brainwashed her and she is in a dilemma again. She decided to solve the mystery, but without letting it affect her relationship. She thinks there is only one person who can help her.

Riddhima came to meet a lady in her orphanage. Vansh came behind her. She asked the lady how she came to the orphanage. She wants to know about her parents. What happened, how it all happened… whatever she knows.

Precap: The lady told Riddhima that her parents had a big accident. Vansh thinks Riddhima is getting very close to the mystery that he wanted to keep secret. Riddhima came back home. Vansh moved a cover from an old car. She heard the noise and stopped…Read more

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