Sara and Black Mamba’s Mission To Kîll Vansh Revealed. Till Love Do Us Part 13 May 2022, Friday Pt1: Episode 253


The Episode started with Vansh asking Riddhima to sit. He said I will go and check who did this. She said I am scared. He said relax, let me check and come, I will check the security footage, we will have dinner together, just give me a phone if anything and he left and she got a call from Vyom. She asked him to stop calling. He said I called to ask if you enjoyed it. She asked did you do this.

He said of course. He said the deal will be on, spy on Vansh, find out what he does, to whom he talks. She said I told you that our deal is over, tell me, who is helping you in the family. He said you know I can do anything, I will give you a hint, there is one member in VR mansion, who is in your team, but plays for me. She worried and recalled Sara’s words.

Sara said I don’t know anything else, leave me, else I will not leave you, I am dangerous. Riddhima said you aren’t Sara, you are Gayatri, my friend, who I called Gayu with love. Sara said Gayatri is dead, I am Sara. Riddhima said listen to me once. Sara said Vansh will die when he deals in Goa, I will kill him. Riddhima asked why do you want to kill him, I am pregnant, he is my husband.

Sara said you think I will worry for you and your baby. Riddhima said do anything, you can’t harm my baby, what do you mean that someone is playing against us, who is it. Sara said you think I will answer you, no way and she coughed. Riddhima asked her to have water. Sara said I make a way where it ends. She made the water fell and argued with Riddhima.

Riddhima said you will also die in this, better tell me the truth and get on my side. Sara said I have a partner, because our interest is the same, to ruin you and your dear ones. Riddhima asked who is your partner. Sara said he is in your house and very close to you, black mamba and I had a deal, Vansh will die.

Riddhima said nothing will happen to Vansh, I will fight with death. The man injected Sara and she said leave me, I am a free bird. She asked the man to give sedative to Sara and keep her. Riddhima got Dr. Mehta’s call. He said sorry, your friend has run away. She asked what, didn’t you check. She said, she said she will come to kill Vansh on his deal day, I have to find out who is the black mamba.

Someone came to Riddhima’s room. She asked the man to leave, she will complain to Vansh. Vansh turned and surprised her. She said you are the chef, who is grumpy, moody and keep saying interesting. He said no, I am not that chef who is tall and handsome, who keeps saying I love you. She liked the dishes and said interesting. He said I have selected this for you. She said your choice isn’t bad, you know how to please girls and he kissed her hand.

He saw the black marks on her hand and worried. He asked what happened. She said when I was locked in the trolley, I got hurt. Vansh became angry and said I can’t protect you, I don’t know who did that, that man knew the hotel setup and cctv spots, I couldn’t know him and she calmed him.

He hugged her and said I love you. She said I love you more. He said I really love you and they had the icecream. She thinks before Vansh falls in a danger, I have to find out who is black mamba. She then asked Vansh to have juice and shouted snake… Dadi said it’s Riddhima’s voice. Ishani said she is a problem, here she comes. Riddhima said I have seen a snake that side. Vansh asked what. Dadi asked how will a snake come in a 5 star hotel.

Riddhima said I told the truth. Aryan said it’s possible, we also have a snake between us. Ishani said Aryan is right, we have a poisonous snake between us, beautiful also. Vansh said there is no snake here. Riddhima asked why would I lie, I think it looked like black mamba and everyone looked at her. Riddhima looked at everyone’s expressions.

Vansh checked the black mamba online. He asked did you see that. She said yes. Aryan said come on, black mamba doesn’t exist in India, I can’t stand this nonsense and he left. Vansh asked are you sure, I will ask Angre to check the entire area. Ishani asked will Angre go to find the snake now. Angre said Ishani please… Ishani got angry and left. Vansh asked Riddhima to calm down.

Riddhima went to the room. She entered there and checked. She heard Aryan coming and hid. He ended the call and talked to the house keeping staff. He got another call and left. Riddhima sat in the trolley. Riddhima came to Dadi’s room and she checked Dadi’s bags. Dadi came talking on the call. She placed the phone on charging. Anupriya asked what’s troubling you so much, you were looking for the black box in Vansh’s office.

Dadi said no, I am not worried for that, you don’t worry, stay calm. Riddhima thinks Dadi also knows about the black box. Vansh recalled Riddhima’s words. Angre said the staff said they didn’t hear about any snake, I think Riddhima is mistaken. Vansh said I am not getting a positive feeling about this deal and thinks to find out who is Sara.

Riddhima removed her heels and Vansh carried her heels. She said I love you and hugged her. He asked do you know Sara. She said my friend’s name is Sara, we will go now, I am feeling hungry and thinks to give her a second dose…Read more

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