Vansh Is Shot. Will He Die? Till Love Do Us Part 14 April 2022, Thursday Pt1: Episode 215


The Episode started with Anupriya coming and pushing Vansh to save his life. Angre saw the shooter and shot him. Kabir thinks mom, you failed my plan, I won’t leave you. Vansh did the aid to Anupriya’s leg and said bullet just touched you, you will be fine and she apologized to him. Ishani thinks how did mom’s heart change so much. Vansh asked Riddhima to come to her senses, they have to leave. He showed the smoke can and dropped it there and took Riddhima with him. Kabir said you can’t run away from me Vansh and went to see the secret door.

Vansh caught him,removed his disguise and scolded Kabir. Riddhima said Vansh knew that you will come to kill him, I got to know that this is just a plan. She recalled Vansh saying it’s a plan for their enemies, they aren’t going anywhere, Kabir was also in the party. Vansh said I knew some people here are supporting you, you have come to the party with the get up.

Vansh heard Dadi and Siya shouting. Vansh said they should have been in Vrindavan. Kabir said you should always have plan B, if anything happens to me, then Dadi and Siya will go with me. Vansh then tied his hands. Vansh and Riddhima went to see. They became shocked seeing Dadi and Siya wearing the bomb jackets.

Vansh said Kabir is in the secret room, drag him here. Siya said Kabir kidnapped us from the airport. Vansh asked Kabir how dare he fix the bomb to them. Kabir said I don’t know and Vansh scolded him. Riddhima said let me talk and she begged Kabir to leave them. She said just tell me what you want. Kabir said I want you, can you come with me, I had tried a lot, I had to kidnap you on valentines day, I can keep you very happy.

Riddhima signalled Vansh. She said Kabir, why didn’t you tell this to me before, I would have come to you happily if you explained to me. Vansh went to Dadi and Siya. Riddhima said you are my first love, I can never forget you, you should have told me, any way, you have told me the truth, why don’t we make a new start and Kabir smiled. She tried to get the remote from his pocket and passed it to Vansh. Vansh deactivated the bombs and removed their jackets. Kabir shouted Riddhima. She went to Vansh, held his hand and scolded Kabir.

She said you always used me, like I used your feelings today, are you feeling happy. Aryan said enough of this drama, I will end this forever. Kabir saw him and said good job Aryan and Aryan ignited the fire. Vansh asked Angre to take them out. Chanchal freed Kabir’s hands. Kabir said thanks, just go, Kabir hits Vansh and he fell down. Kabir took Riddhima with him but he hits on his head. They all coughed by the smoke. Vansh got up and shouted Riddhima. They saw each other and Kabir pulled her while Vansh looked for her.

She asked Kabir to leave her. He said I used to come to meet you by the secret door, we will go from there, come with me. Kabir ignited the fire and locked up Vansh. He broke the knob and left. Riddhima shouted Vansh and cried. Kabir said I value your feelings so much, I am giving you this chance, you can see him for the last time. Vansh and Riddhima saw each other through the glass door and cried. He gave a kiss and said forgive me Riddhima.

She said no Vansh and he fell back. She shouted Vansh and fainted. Kabir took her to the jungle. She became conscious and asked where have you brought me, Vansh will not leave you. Kabir said Vansh would be dead by now and she recalled Vansh. She shouted no, free me, I have to go to my Vansh. He said forget the past, your present is here, your Kabir and he spits on his face.

She scolded him. He said I love you a lot, people burnt yesterday and you didn’t even get a scratch, you are a widow now, this sindoor and mangalsutra don’t suit you and removed her mangalsutra. She said no Kabir…. He placed water down and wiped off her sindoor and cried. He said widow get up doesn’t suit you, we will marry in an hour, you will become my wife and have my name sindoor.

She said I will die but not marry a devil like you, I will always be of Vansh and he became angry. He said the baby is in your womb, you can’t die, think about it, you hate me, will you take the baby’s life, you have no option, marry me, forget Vansh, he is gone, I will love you a lot, you won’t think of Vansh. He said don’t mention Vansh’s name, I get too hurt and she cried.

Kabir told the pandit that groom and bride are ready. They were taking pheres when Vansh came there on a bike…Read more

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