Ridhima Puts Kabir In Her Past. Till Love Do Us Part 14 December 2021, Tuesday pt2: Episode 69



The Episode started with Riddhima saying I can do this for Vansh. She started preparing some food for Vansh. She thinks of him. Kabir wrote a letter for Riddhima. He thinks just Kabir can bring back Riddhima. Angre thinks, this marriage didn’t happen by Ishani’s wish. Ishani came and saw the decorations. She sacked Angre and ruined the room. She said Riddhima ruined my life, she killed Sunny, I will take revenge. Angre came back and stopped her from drinking. She said mind your own business.

He said the wine can harm your baby. She angrily slapped him and said you don’t have the right to touch me even if we are married, stay in your limits. He snatched the wine bottle and glass. He went and placed it outside and shut the door. She asked what’s this misbehavior, get my bottle back. He said stop it now, you forced me to do this. He tied her hands and legs and she asked him to leave her.

He tied up her mouth as well. Kabir placed a letter down for Riddhima. She coughed and took the bottle to drink. She had a bitter taste. Angre said sorry, I thought to make a good start, you forced me to do this, I can’t let you tolerate this baby, you are not allowed to drink until you are pregnant. Riddhima became drunk and said two tables, where to keep this bottle. She saw the letter. Kabir looked on and said I am sure you will come running to me, I am waiting and he left. She wasn’t able to read the letter. Vansh came there and asked are you okay. She Vansh as double and laughed. He asked did you get drunk. She said no, I am not such a girl. She asked him to eat. He asked who fed you the wine. She said let’s go to the pool side.

He asked her to come to the room. She asked how many things do you handle, business, family and me. She went to the pool side. He asked her to come. She said no and she removed her jewellery. she saw the moon and shouted. He said it comes daily. She said we don’t come daily and she fell in his arms. She asked him to eat the food. She took the letter. She asked what’s in it. Vansh said show me. She said I am reading it. Kabir asked did she read the chit or not. She said we will make this a boat. She played with the water. She splashed water on Vansh and laugh’s.

Vansh said you know I don’t keep any debt and he also splashed water on her, she run and he run after her. He held her close and she closed her eyes. Kabir came there and saw them close. Kabir thinks so she didn’t come for this reason, finally she has to choose between love and duty. Ishani shouted save me. Vansh said Ishani is in danger, sit here, finish the water before I come back, he left and she called him out.

Angre asked Ishani to have some food. Vansh and Dadi came to Ishani’s room. Angre untied Ishani, she hugged Vansh and cried. She said Angre had tied me up, he treated me like an animal, he was trying to molest me. Angre said boss, I… but Vansh stopped him. Ishani thinks now Angre will be punished. Vansh said you are lying Ishani, Angre has been working with me for years, he can’t do this.

Angre said sorry boss, she was going to drink, I wanted to stop her but she didn’t listen, so I had to tie her up. Dadi asked Ishani will she fall to any extent. She asked her to think about the family for once. Vansh said you don’t need to explain, Angre, she is your wife, you have the first right on her, you have to decide to deal with her madness and misbehavior, just remember, she is my sister. Angre said I will not let your trust break. Vansh said Riddhima got that bottle, she thought it’s water and got drunk, I have to manage her, grow up Ishani. Vansh and Dadi left and Ishani became angry.

Riddhima asked Vansh to eat the food. Kabir came and said Riddhima. She recalled him. She saw Devraj, Kabir came to her.

Kabir told Ridhima that love is a beautiful feeling. But what about his love? Their relationship? The girl, who was ready to die for him, has fallen for someone else. She was right about asking something extra ordinary for love by crossing the limits. He didn’t cross that limit, but she did. Vansh came there but Kabir disappeared. Vansh asked her what happened. He looked down and the bowl was empty. He asked she brought that sweet for him, right? Later, Ridhima said to herself that she cannot believe Vansh killed Ragini. She recalled Kabir’s words. She was in a dilemma and extreme stress on what to believe. Her dupatta got burned. Vansh came and saved her. He told her that he is with her……Read more