Ridhima Learns About Her Parents Accident. Till Love Do Us Part 14 March 2022, Monday Pt1: Episode 169


The Episode started with Riddhima asking the lady to give the answers. The lady asked why do you want to know it, your past doesn’t matter, look at your present, you have a loving husband and a big family, you have everything. Vansh looked on and said my past is my biggest enemy, I don’t want to lift the curtains off this secret and he left. Riddhima said this secret is about my existence, please don’t hide it. The lady said I remember your parents met with a deadly accident, only you survived. Riddhima said it means they didn’t dump me, they passed away, what else do you know.

The lady said I remember the date, 25th Jan, I know how you were brought here, it was a terrible day, the accident happened by an ambassador car. Riddhima thanked her and left. While she was on the way. She said I misunderstood mum and dad, I got to know that you didn’t leave me intentionally, how did the accident happen, what’s the story, I want to know about them, I feel it’s a big secret. She recalled the note. She said I felt someone was planting a fake story, warden won’t lie, whom shall I trust.

Siya called Vansh and asked where is Riddhima, I need to take my medicines, she knows about it. He said I don’t know about her. Siya said you look worried. He said nothing. Riddhima came home and asked is this connected to Vansh, no, someone is misguiding me, I will find out about my parents and Vansh went to the backyard. She thinks how shall I know Vansh if he knows about my parents, but if he knew, he would have told me. Vansh pulled the car cover. Riddhima heard the sound and stopped and she went inside the car. Chanchal asked about the ambassador. Ishani said Aryan saw Vansh going there, that ambassador is there.

Vansh vented anger. Aryan said we can’t let Riddhima reach the car secret. Riddhima thinks what are they talking about the car. She recalled Vansh and thinks is there any link. She said it’s imp to unveil this secret. She asked about the unlucky car. Vansh said I can’t let my past come between Riddhima and me. Angre stopped him and said your relation isn’t weak, I will not let this happen, your hand is hurt, you need aid.

Vansh thinks Riddhima shouldn’t know about this car and the past, else I will lose her again. Riddhima asked then again. Ishani asked aren’t you ashamed to hear our talk secretly. Riddhima said I came into the door and heard the talks, what’s the matter. Ishani said don’t investigate, Vansh permitted you to stay in the house, not in our house. Chanchal asked Riddhima to stay in her limits. Riddhima said something isn’t right, I have to find out.

Vansh placed wine on his wound. He said if Riddhima sees the blood and this wound, she will question me. Riddhima thinks shall I talk to Vansh and slipped by the blood drops. She saw Vansh and asked how did you get hurt, you take care of everyone, not yourself. She cared for him and asked how did this happen. Vansh said the wine bottle fell down, I was cleaning the glass and got hurt. Riddhima said there is staff at home, you could have told me. He said you were not at home, where did you go. She thinks I can’t say the truth. She said I went to get Siya’s medicines. He thinks why this lie is between us when there is much love.

She did the aid and kissed his hand. She said I will never hurt you, I feel hurt when you get hurt. He said you are still hurting me and wiped her tears. He said I can’t look at your tears. She went downstairs and slipped and Kabir held her hand. She said thanks Vansh. She turned and saw Kabir. He said I know you don’t like me to touch you, I had to save you, it’s good to do aid to someone’s wound. She scolded him for spying and asked him to stay away from her life.

He asked is it good to lie to your husband, Vansh had shed his blood to get rid of his past, he lied about the wine bottle, you believed him, you aren’t such innocent and foolish. She asked how did Vansh get hurt. He said you always used your mind well during training, you can find out the truth soon, let me warn you, the reward of your hardwork won’t be sweet. She said what did Kabir ask me to find, did he mean to say about that car, how is Vansh connected to all this.

Servant took the glass pieces of the car window. Riddhima stopped him and asked about the glass pieces. Angre scolded the servant and sent him away. She said I stopped him to know about the glass pieces. He said boss won’t like you to get into every little matter and he left. She said why is he behaving strange, I have to find out. She saw the foot impressions and followed it. She said it means he came from outside.

Ishani asked why don’t you get rid of this car, it had just hurt us, I can’t see you like this, so much was snatched from us, I remember it, please remove this car from your life forever. Vansh turned and said you are right, Ishani, it’s better to hide this wound else….and he just left.

She said I wish this never happened. Riddhima looked for the glass pieces and thinks Angre is hiding something from me and saw the car covered with dry leaves.

She said how do i find out what’s inside these bushes. She threw stones and heard a sound of a striking metal. She said what can be inside this. She moved the leaves away and saw the ambassador car. She asked is it a coincidence, is it that car by which my parents met with an accident and checked the old car. Vansh got kerosene and came there.

Riddhima was inside the car. Vansh poured kerosene and burnt the car. Riddhima was shocked seeing him light the fire…Read more

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