Ridhima Sees Real Vansh( in Vihaan). Till Love Do Us Part 15 February 2022, Tuesday Pt2: Episode 134


The Episode started with Riddhima suggesting Dadi to have a NOC made from the family members for Vansh’s sake. Dadi said you have thought well, you can take my sign first. Ishani said yes, everything belongs to Vansh already. Aryan said it will be a problem if the property goes to Vansh. Kabir thinks and said Dadi, we are missing something for Ishani, some Sanskar rituals. Riddhima thinks what is he thinking.

Ishani said I don’t want to do these rituals. Dadi said Kabir’s idea is right. Anupriya said he is Ishani’s elder brother. Dadi said I wish nothing happens well. Kabir said our Vansh has come back, you have three young grandsons, we will not let anything happen to Ishani.

Dadi blessed him and left. Kabir asked Chanchal to just do what he said. Vihaan asked Riddhima has she become so stingy that she is giving such gifts to Ishani. Riddhima asked him not to say anything about it. He said I am expensive, you have spent all money on me. She said shut up, these toys are of Ishani’s childhood, Vansh said he used to hide all this, he said he will give these toys to Ishani, I am just fulfilling his wish.

I am sure Ishani will be glad to see these toys, but I am scared, this function was Kabir’s idea, will he do anything wrong, he may try to harm Ishani and her baby, I want to focus on happiness, Vansh would also do that, you will gift the toys box to Ishani. He said Okay and she thanked him.

Someone looked on. He said good job, you should get national award to make emotional fools, you have full drama, you are very clever, you know when to hurt others. She said your problem is that you think everyone is like you, I will pay extra and do anything for the family. She got up and fell in his lap.Vihaan said I am money minded and selfish, my character isn’t cheap, I don’t take money from mother and that unborn child, this work is for free and she stood up. He asked her to get ready, he will be ready and she left. He said am I right or am I right.

Ishani asked what, Vansh’s duplicate, did you see Riddhima paying him. Aryan said I have seen her paying him, do Vansh need money from her. She said Vansh has used both hands in the basketball match. Chanchal said even his sign was the same. Aryan said Ishani had copied Vansh’s signature in her childhood, why can’t anyone else do it.

Kabir tried to copy the signature and trashed the papers. Aryan said Riddhima got the duplicate, it’s a big game, Vansh gave all the property to Dadi, what did Riddhima get, nothing, she got the fake Vansh to get property on her name, so she wants our signs on that application. Ishani thinks to talk to Vansh and she left. Chanchal thinks it happened as I thought and Ishani went to check Vansh’s room.

She got some paper there. She saw Vansh’s sign practice and recalled Aryan’s words. She said if he is Vansh, then why did he need to practice signatures. She checked the bin and said something is wrong. She got the money in Vansh’s jacket. She said Riddhima got his duplicate, it will be proved tonight. Vihaan got ready. He asked which perfume shall I use. Riddhima said the black one, Vansh used to use that. He starred at her and said you look beautiful.

She recalled Vansh. He said so, you can also praise me, I am ready, I am sure, I look better. She said I don’t have time to notice you. She said I know you don’t have time, but I noticed you and complimented you, something is missing. She said it’s fine for me, like I care what you find missing. He stopped her and removed the hair pin. He said now you look perfect, you look better in loose hair.

She recalled Vansh. He said you are thinking that maybe Vansh said the same, it’s simple, great minds think alike, I understood it by your reaction, Vansh and my face is the same, and also the choice. She thinks why do I see Vansh in him, is he Vansh. Kabir added something into the pot. He said Ishani did a big mistake, you aren’t my sister, I will not tolerate it, it’s time to hurt you, it will help me in ousting Vansh’s duplicate. Riddhima came downstairs and he left. She said how did the kumkum fall, it’s a bad omen and she picked it up. Kabir recalled seeing her coming and making the kumkum fall by mistake. He thinks you and that duplicate will be out of this house forever today.

Vihaan and Riddhima had a dance. Ishani felt stomach ache and screamed. The Doctor checked her and said it happened due to some powder. Kabir showed the powder and framed Vihaan. Dadi asked how can Vansh do this with his sister. Ishani said he is Vansh’s lookalike. Riddhima and Vihaan worried….Read more

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