Vansh Clashes Wit Vyom. Till Love Do Us Part 19 May 2022, Thursday Pt2: Episode 262


The Episode started with Sara throwing the keys and leaving and she saw Riddhima there. Vansh stopped the staff and said I have a message for Vansh’s wife, go and tell her. The man went to Riddhima and said Vansh asked you to meet him at the pool side. Riddhima thanked him and left. She came calling out Vansh and Vansh shouted for help. Riddhima turned and he fell down. Riddhima run and called Angre. Angre said relax, Vansh had gone for Sauna. She run back while Vansh tried to reach the door. She shouted Vansh and tried to open the door. He fainted down and started bleeding. She saw the keys fallen there. She opened the door and got in. She saw Vansh and asked what happened, please open your eyes and shouted for help. She called Angre and cried. She asked him to come fast, Vansh fainted. He asked what, relax, I am coming. She asked Vansh to open his eyes and Vansh became conscious. She asked are you fine. She hugged him and asked him to get up, is he fine. He said I am fine, don’t know what happened, the heat got high and I just fainted, it’s good you came. She hugged him and said I won’t let anything happen to you.

She took him and gave him a bath. She smiled and thinks I was afraid to lose you forever and Vansh smiled looking at her. Sara was playing with Ishani and Aryan joined them. Ishani said look at her, don’t try, she won’t get impressed by you. He said time will show that and they played. He called Sara darling and she said I am not a darling. He said come on, you are my darling. She became angry and threw the ball at his head. He said it’s okay. She said I didn’t say sorry. Ishani asked Angre to come and play but Angre left. Sara said you guys play, I will leave. Aryan said take me along. Sara said I am going to play another game, sorry, it’s a deadly sport, just one person can play that and she left. Ishani asked Aryan to play alone, she isn’t single. Sara said strange, the hotel owner Vansh died and no one cares. Riddhima suffocated her and asked what happened, if you try to harm Vansh, then you will die a painful death. Sara caught her neck and asked will you kill me, nice try, you are a coward, my first attempt to kill Vansh failed, it doesn’t mean that he will get saved. Riddhima then warmed her. Sara asked will you ruin my life like before and she left. Vansh and Angre waited for Augustine. A man came there with two bags. He went to the reception and said I am Augustin D’costa, I have a room booked here, he checked in and Vyom looked at him.

Angre passed by and Augustine went to his room. Vyom kept an eye on him. Augustine checked the bags filled with diamonds and gold bars and left from his room. Vyom then smiled. Augustine passed by Angre again and collided with him, giving him the room key. Vyom took the bags and left. Angre came to the room and looked for the bags. He checked the room well, left and called Vansh. Vansh checked cctv footage. He saw Vyom and became angry. He called the security and said seal this hotel right now. Vansh called at the reception and asked for Vyom’s room number. She said he is checking out and Vansh run. Vyom said I need to go, my taxi is waiting. Vansh run downstairs. Vyom said I have a flight to catch, take this card, I need to check out. Vansh run to him and Vyom asked who will stop me. Vansh came and said I will stop you. Vyom asked what do you want. Vansh said you have something that belongs to me. Vyom said take it if you have courage. Vansh said this place isn’t right for such transactions. Vyom said sure, take me anywhere, I accept your challenge and they went out. Vansh said this was my deal, it’s my bags, you can’t take it. Vyom said it’s my bags now, I will take it. He pointed the gun at Vansh and said your defeat is confirmed. Sara looked on and pointed the gun. Vyom loaded the gun and Sara too loaded her gun.

Vansh fought Vyom and Sara shot. Vyom got shot. Vansh said who made the shot. He turned and saw Sara hiding….Read more

Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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