Ridhima Sees Her Vansh. Till Love Do Us Part 2 June 2022, Thursday Pt2: Episode 281


The Episode started with Riddhima saying anyone will see. Vansh said it’s a big problem, I know exactly what to do. She asked what. He covered themselves with his shirt,went to the poolside and they romanced. He embraced her and asked what happened. She said so much happened, but you know one thing, your Riddhima and would be baby never lost, we knew it, we will get you.

He said when I was captive, I thought I will never meet you, I trusted our love, you will find me, no one could separate us, not even destiny. She said promise me, you will never leave me, I lose my life when you aren’t close. He kissed her and she said never leave me, please.

She kissed his hand and said I will love you till my last breath. He said my every breath runs just for you. She said when you aren’t with me, my breath stops running and she realized it was all a dream. She said Vansh please don’t leave me. She stayed outside Vyom’s room. She went to some other room. The door was already open. She went inside and checked. She looked inside Vyom’s room by entering the balcony.

She stepped on the railing and slipped but she managed to balance herself. She then looked down and closed her eyes. She placed her sandals there and went inside the room. She saw some bindi on the mirror and she checked the drawer. She said it’s some woman’s stuff, does anyone else stay with Vyom. She got a dupatta and said where is she, if she is here. She said I should leave. She became shocked seeing Vyom torturing himself.

She thinks I thought he was torturing Vansh, but he is beating himself, I should leave from here. Someone came there wearing a black hood and the person took a cutter to hurt herself. She took Vansh’s pic and cuts it. She then collided with Riddhima and left. Riddhima called her out. She said who was it. She got a pendrive with Riddhima’s name mentioned and she checked it. She saw two people in black clothes, one wearing Vansh’s mask and other wearing Riddhima’s pic mask and they hugged.

The person wearing Riddhima’s pic killed the person wearing Vansh’s pic and Riddhima became shocked. Angre came and asked what happened. She showed him the video. He said someone wore you and Vansh’s mask and she asked him to watch. The girl said greetings from black mamba and Sara looked on. Riddhima said you know about black mamba. He said yes, but what’s this. She said black mamba had sent this video, maybe black mamba had kept Vansh captive, he had sent this video to show that Vansh is in danger, it can’t be Vyom, listen to me, I went to Vyom’s room, I thought he was beating Vansh but I saw Vyom beating himself with a belt. Angre said he is mad, why did you go there.

thank God he didn’t see you, you know Vyom can’t keep Vansh captive, he is fooling us, don’t think about this video, it will be someone’s prank, I will take this pendrive and find out. She said it’s happening because of me. He said no, don’t blame yourself, I will find out, don’t tell anyone about this video. Riddhima said Angre is right, maybe this is Vyom’s plan, is Vyom black mamba, else who can it be.

Sara said who is this black mamba and she left. Ishani said I am so excited you are back, I missed you the most, where were you till now. Siya said I wanted some time for myself, I am fine. Someone placed a pendrive for Ishani and rang the bell. Ishani looked outside and got the pendrive. She said maybe it’s a surprise from Angre. Siya said maybe Angre has sent some love letter. Ishani played it and checked. They watched the same video, with Siya and Ishani’s pic this time. Ishani asked why did this girl wear your mask. Siya said I don’t know, you are also there. They saw the murder scene and they became shocked.

Ishani said what nonsense, I can never do this, Siya, why would I murder you. Siya said relax, someone played a prank, Ishani what are you thinking. Ishani asked who can do this. Siya said give this pendrive to Angre. Ishani stamped to break the pendrive. She said no one should know about this, we have much stress already, promise me. Siya said promise, are you fine.

Sara was swimming in the pool. Riddhima came to her and stepped on her hand and Sara asked have you gone mad. Riddhima said you got mad, you sent that cheap video to scare me. Sara asked which video. Riddhima said I know you work for black mamba, you sent that video to me, what did it mean. Sara said yes, I work for black mamba, but I am not his servant, I haven’t seen him till now.

maybe I don’t recognize him, it’s your work, not mine, he is someone from your family, he is close to you, he hasn’t contacted me for a long time, did he take the contract in his hands and killed Vansh. Riddhima slapped her and said how dare you, no one can touch Vansh, I will find him soon, he can’t stay hidden for many days and she left. Sara said even I want to find out who black mamba is.

Riddhima saw a dress and rose in her room and smiled. She said I understood what you want, love you. She turned and smiled seeing Vansh...Read more

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