What Is Inside The Black Box? Till Love Do Us Part 21 April 2022, Thursday Pt2: Episode 226


The Episode started with Siya asking Vansh to teach her some salsa moves but Vansh refused. Riddhima came and said I can teach her better and challenged Vansh. Siya played the music. Aryan asked where are you Kiara. Kiara said God has heard you, is this your magic. Aryan couldn’t believed it and he held her hand. He said I can’t leave you this time. Kiara said I was thinking to stay together like good friends. He said sounds nice for a start, how did you find me.

She said Aryan Rai Singhania, I knew you would stay in the VR mansion. He asked where do you stay. She said ask your heart. He said I have a big heart, you will stay here, I was looking at your pic. She said you are a heir of this family. He said I am so lucky that you came here. She said it’s too early.

Ishani said this is VR mansion, not any Dharamshala, not everyone can get a place. Aryan said don’t be rude, it’s Kiara. Ishani asked where do you stay. Kiara said I will stay here. Ishani asked do you have parents. Kiara said they live in the US. She answered Ishani.

She said I am a graphic designer, I don’t over analyze, I live in the moment, it keeps me healthy. Ishani said you self invited yourself. Kiara said I make impossibility into possibility. She said I will go to Aryan. Aryan said no, it’s final, she will stay here. Chanchal came and asked who is she. Ishani said your would be bahu.

Chanchal coughed and said she will light up fire in the entire house. Vansh and Riddhima danced. Siya went to attend a call. He said you trust yourself a lot. She said more than you. He asked don’t you trust me. She said more than myself. He said then tell me the truth. She asked can’t you see the truth. He said no. Aryan and Kiara came.

Kiara said lovely, wow, I am seeing such dancing couple for the first time, you guys are made for each other. Aryan introduced Kiara to them. Kiara greeted them. She said I met Riddhima before, yesterday at the pub but Riddhima lied. Kiara said you bumped into me, I scolded you, sorry. Riddhima said I didn’t go there. Kiara said I remember, you were wearing a big hoodie.

Riddhima said I was in a mall. Kiara asked are you calling me a liar. Riddhima said no, you are mistaken, I am seeing you for the first time and she left. Kiara said I met her yesterday, I would have seen you as well. Vansh said I suggest you stop the matter here. He asked Aryan to take Kiara to the lounge and he left. Aryan said sorry Kiara, come.

Angre asked did Kiara see Riddhima’s duplicate at the pub. Vansh said black box is unsafe, take it somewhere far. Angre checked some key. He asked what’s inside the black box. Vansh said it’s a dynamite, it has all the info of the underworld, one who gets this black box, he can become king of the underworld.

He showed the message to Angre…. Riddhima was listening from upstairs. Angre said I will keep it in the safe, if our enemy gets this, then it will be a trouble. Vansh told the safe code. Riddhima heard it. She then went to call Vyom. Vyom said it’s my last move and wished her good luck. She thanked him and left and Vyom won the game.

Riddhima went to get the black box. She opened the safe and became shocked seeing Vansh and Angre. Vansh said no one robs his own house, else it’s not a family member, will you still say that you are my Riddhima. He asked her to tell her the story since the start and she joked.

He said thanks to you, I can’t sit on the chair now, it’s your last chance, tell me the truth. She said I have nothing to say. He dragged her and scolded her and hurts her. She said I am hurt. He said you would like the pool side and lights. She said yes, I love you. He said maybe you don’t get to see the chance to see, not a single word extra, just the truth, tell me.

She asked what truth. He asked where is my Riddhima. She said you are mad, how shall I answer, tell me. He angrily pushed her in the pool and he also jumped into the pool. She said I am Riddhima. He said you don’t know what I can do. She said I am not lying, I am Riddhima. He said stop it. She said you are hurting your own wife. He said you got caught while stealing the black box.

She said no, I wanted to see the black box, that’s it, you have to believe me, okay and she smiled. He asked where is my wife. She said I pity that you love your wife, you aren’t able to identify her, you used to feel her with closed eyes. She asked him can’t he feel his touch. She said I am Riddhima, not anyone else. She went close to him to kiss.

Riddhima said you couldn’t identify and should lose, you are a big fool, it’s me, Riddhima. Vansh pointed the gun at her. She said I feel sorry for you and he shot…Read more

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