Vihaan To Tell Ridhima The Shocking Secret. Till Love Do Us Part 21 February 2022, Monday Pt2: Episode 141


The Episode started with Riddhima saying Vihaan and Vansh are together, how can this happen, their pic is here in the locker, it means they knew each other. She read… it’s a miracle that I was also amazed to see, this birthday will start with a big blast. She said what’s Vihaan’s truth. Kabir said it’s good Dadi called Vansh at the right time, there is some big secret here, I will find it out and prove that it’s not Vansh, but his lookalike and he went inside the secret chamber. Riddhima shuts the safe and hid behind the partition.

Kabir said I know Riddhima, it’s all connected, I will find out and he saw the locker. He then tried to check. Riddhima thinks I can’t let anyone know this truth, especially Kabir, else it can be a big trouble and she left. She said just one person can tell me the secret of Vansh and Vihaan’s pic. She went to Vihaan and asked what’s this, you have hidden such a big thing from me, how do you know Vansh, answer me else…

He said else what, it’s good for health to not know few things, it’s better that this past chapter stays hidden, few secrets are beautiful that it gets stained on coming out, don’t get into this, it’s fire, it looks beautiful from far, it’s not sensible thing to put hand into it, if this secret comes out, then a storm can come, everything can get over. She said don’t tell that, I want to know the secret, just tell me the truth.

Vihaan said this truth will take you to a world, from where you can’t return, it’s foolishness to know it, if you get into the past, you will be lost and he left. She looked at the pic and said why doesn’t he want to say the truth, what’s the truth someone looked at her. She thinks this pic shouldn’t reach wrong hands, I have to keep it safe. She shuts the door and hid the pic. She placed it in the safe. She said I will find out the secret of the past.

In the morning, Riddhima said why isn’t the shower working and Vihaan came to help. She said I will manage. They both then got under the shower. She stepped on the soap and slipped. Someone took the pic from the safe. Vihaan said happy birthday. She asked how do you know. He said you forgot my qualities, I am a hacker, I can enter anyone’s life, you are my dollar biwi, I hope you keep falling and I keep holding you. She said I hope I find the secret which you are trying to hide from me.

Vihaan said I can’t see you in stress, I will answer you about the pic, there is a grand entry today, you will get your wishful gift. She thinks how did he agree to tell it. She asked what if you don’t keep the promise. He said anyone else will. She said no one can do, I have kept it safely. He said I learnt it from Vansh that the walls of the VR mansion isn’t safe, you are being watched, you got the answer, I knew Vansh.

She said Vansh knew VR mansion the best and she went to check. She saw the safe open. She said you did this. Vihaan said no, I am handsome, what will I do stealing my pic, I could have warned you, right. She said it means someone from the family has stolen it. He said it’s important to find out, who did this. She recalled and said I am sure Kabir did this, it’s a big proof that you are Vansh’s look alike and she went to pray.

Dadi and everyone came. Dadi said Bappa won’t help you, he helps the true people. She stopped Vihaan and said Kabir told me everything, this is your cheap truth and she showed the pic. She then scolded Riddhima. She poured kerosene on herself and lights fire. Riddhima then shouted Dadi but she then realized it was just her imagination. Dadi asked what happened, Bappa won’t help you, since you didn’t light the diya. Vihaan and Riddhima light the diya and Riddhima thinks thank God, Dadi didn’t know anything. Dadi blessed and hugged her. She said there is another surprise for you and showed the birthday cake.

Riddhima said your blessings matter more to me. Vihaan said my surprise is pending and he got a note garland. He said I am making Ghar Laxmi wear dollars garlands, if she is happy then we will get money shower. Ishani asked since when did you start cracking jokes?” Vihaan made Riddhima wear the garland and wished her. He asked how did you like it. Kabir said happy birthday Riddhima, I am sure this birthday will be very special. Dadi asked Riddhima to cut the cake.

Riddhima wished to get the pic back. She blew off the candles and cuts the cake and some red coloured water splashes out of the cake, onto her face. Everyone became shocked. Vihaan said blood, what happened. Ishani recalled injecting the liquid in the cake and she smiled. Dadi asked Ishani what’s this bad joke. Ishani said I ordered the cake, I didn’t make it. She said it’s cherry juice, maybe the cake maker added a lot of it. Dadi asked Riddhima to feed the cake to everyone and Riddhima feed them. Vihaan wished her again.

Dadi said there is one more surprise from Kabir and Kabir smiled. Dadi said Kabir is regretting a lot, so he wants to keep your birthday party, so we all will be a part of it. Riddhima thinks Kabir can’t think good, I know his motive, he wants to tell Vihaan and my truth to everyone. Kabir said Vansh bhai, I am sure you will get much happiness by this party. Vihaan said I am glad that you are throwing this party, it’s a big thing, you forgot everything and want to celebrate my wife’s birthday and Kabir nodded. He got a surprise. Riddhima thinks did he hide the pic. Kabir thinks death doesn’t have the pain like in the wait for death and he smiled.

Kabir said Riddhima, don’t work hard to find the pic, I will gift it to you in front of everyone. Vihaan and Riddhima danced and Kabir joined them on the dance floor. He said I have prepared a special video for Riddhima and everyone became shocked….Read more

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