Ishani K!lled Ridhima’s Parents In The Accident. Till Love Do Us Part 22 March 2022, Tuesday Pt2: Episode 181


The Episode started with Vansh saying Kabir would be angry, it’s natural for him, I will handle him, no one had a doubt that Kabir’s father and Bua weren’t in the accident, it were Riddhima’s parents, the accident happened by your hands. Ishani said I love you Bhai, you always stood as a shield and protected me, no one knew that the accident happened by my hands, not you, I had killed her parents.

I was so scared, you told me that none could know this truth, you are still keeping this promise, thanks, why did you tell them that Kabir’s father and Bua were killed in the accident, why not any random name. Vansh recalled hearing Kabir and Aryan’s plan. Vansh said I knew that Kabir is doing this, I thought to end this chapter forever, you know, my shot is perfect, I saved my house, family, love and marriage, I had ignited the same fire in Kabir’s mind. Kabir recalled Vansh’s words.

He said your end is close Vansh, the entire world will see. He said I lost my childhood and mum because of you, I learnt that I lost my dad because of you, you have snatched a lot from me, I didn’t get my dad’s love, it’s my turn to snatch things from you. He made Vansh’s funeral pyre and placed his pic on it. He said tomorrow you will be on this pyre, I will light the pyre by my hands.

Vansh said I didn’t do right by fooling Riddhima, she is innocent, I love Riddhima and Ishani as well, I had to do this to save my love, I had to cook up this story, Kabir would be preparing to take revenge, we have to be alert Angre. Angre said don’t worry, I will keep an eye on him. Vansh worried seeing Riddhima’s pic frame falling and breaking. He asked where is Riddhima. Angre said I didn’t see her.

Vansh said I will find her, I am getting a bad feeling, I hope she is safe. Riddhima broke more bottles. She said love is called worship, I doubted my love, I deserve this punishment. She recalled Vansh and said he always supported me, it’s called true love, he married me again to made a new start, I regarded him a culprit, I am the real culprit of my love and Dharm, I am going to punish myself. She stepped on the glass and cried.

She said I have hurt Vansh a lot, when I hurt myself, I will be called his Ardhangini, he had tolerated a lot when I accused him. Dadi and Siya came to stop her. Vansh asked Riddhima to stop it. Riddhima said no Vansh, I had hurt you a lot, you won’t stop my right if you love me, it’s my right to punish myself, don’t ask me to stop. Vansh said if I can’t stop you, then I can support you. He removed his shoes and he also walked on the glass. He said you are my wife, our joy and sorrow are equal, we will fulfill the punishment together.

She said no and fell in his arms. He said I will be there with you. She said you are stubborn. He said less than you, she fainted and he shouted Riddhima. Dadi said check her, she has much bleeding. Vansh took Riddhima in his arms. He said nothing will happen to you, Riddhima and he saw Kabir. Kabir said I used to lift her in my arms, it was our past, you don’t know about it. Vansh said I am treating my wife, we will talk later, I don’t have time to answer you and he left.

Vansh then removed the glass pieces from Riddhima’s feet and she became conscious. He asked is it hurting a lot. She asked why are you doing this. He said I am your husband, who else will do this, why are you giving yourself so much pain. She said sorry, I am not a good wife, I have hurt you a lot and he kissed her. He asked her to smile for his sake and hugged her.

He did the aid and took care of her and asked her to take rest. She held his hand and asked him to sit and she slept. He then kissed her and left. Kabir came to break the piano with a hammer but Vansh stopped him. He said whatever happened was a mistake, I am ready to say sorry, I was a young boy, I had undergone the punishment, I can understand what you are going through, I hope you understand me. Kabir thinks your mistake snatched everything from me, it’s your time to lose it.

Kabir asked Vansh when he will be thankful to him. Vansh asked for what? Kabir said for bringing Riddhima in your life. Vansh said it seems like you realized what you lost. Later, Vansh was talking on the phone. Kabir loosened up the chandelier’s chain to drop the chandelier on Vansh…Read more

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