Sejal To Expose Kabir To Ridhima. Till Love Do Us Part 23 December 2021, Thursday pt1: Episode 79



The episode started with Kabir telling Anupriya that because of her and her stupid box they almost got caught today. Anupriya was shocked to hear that. He said the mistake was in that box. He threw it and burnt everything that was inside. She cried saying those were the only memories she had of him. He then said sorry to her saying it was painful for him as well, but it’s better to get rid of things that can spoil the future. He cannot let anything come in between him and his future, not even her and Anupriya was shocked. He further said that he cannot give any chance to Ridhima to doubt him. She will doubt Vansh and send him to jail. Only after that, he can enter the VR mansion.

Anupriya was still crying. Sejal heard everything and was shocked. Kabir said Ridhima hasn’t had anyone since childhood. Then Vansh came. He talked sweetly and she fell for him. She started considering Vansh’s family as her family. But he’s here to get his rights and he will definitely get that. However, before that he needs to put Ridhima right. Sejal said this person loved Ridhima once and now he’s trying to destroy her life. She won’t let this happen. She decided to tell Ridhima.

A vass fell down by mistake and Kabir saw her. Anupriya asked who is her. He said Ridhima’s best friend and followed her outside. Sejal hid behind a car. Kabir was searching for her with a gun in his hand. She called Ridhima and told her that she’s being betrayed. Her life is in danger. They are behind her and Vansh’s life. Ridhima asked what is she talking about? Where is she? She said she came to give her a surprise, but instead she got surprised. They are making very dangerous plan. Ridhima asked who they were. Before she could mention any name, someone caught her.

It was Aryan who caught Sejal and was tying her up in some storeroom like place. In flashback, Aryan heard Ridhima wishing Sejal a happy birthday. He and his mother decided to kidnap Sejal as she’s the only best friend of Ridhima and she must know everything about Ridhima. They will bring her secrets out to Vansh and Vansh will kick her out of the house.

Kabir came back. Seeing him stressed, Anuriya figured out that Sejal managed to escape. Kabir said they must find her before she tells anything to Ridhima. She has become the biggest threat to their mission right now.

Sejal wondered who is Aryan and Chanchal. They told her that they will let her go if she tells them everything about Ridhima’s past. Sejal told them that she will tell everything, but for now let her go because Ridhima’s life is in danger. Aryan asked her what danger? Sejal said she cannot trust anyone right now. Aryan tried to scare her and she screamed. Ridhima heard a scream and felt it was Sejal’s. She wondered how was that possible.

Kabir checked the CCTV footage but couldn’t see Aryan’s face, but can see his car number. He asked someone to take out the car details.

Ridhima asked Dadi if she heard any scream and told her about Sejal possibly being in a trouble. Anupriya heard that. She called Kabir and told him that Ridhima feels Sejal is in the mansion. She said she searched everywhere, but she couldn’t find anyone. She thinks Ridhima has gone mental. He said, not Ridhima, but she (Anupriya) has gone mad. Sejal is in the mansion. She asked what to do now. He told her to search for Sejal smartly and they wondered whether it’s Vansh’s plan.

Ridhima talked to Vansh’s shirt that Dadi said distance bring you closer. She wished she could tell him how much she was missing him. She doesn’t get hungry or thirsty without him, she doesn’t like anything and hugged his shirt. She cannot wait for him to be back. He has always surprised her. This time, it’s her turn to give him a beautiful surprise.

Chanchal was worried as Sejal was not saying anything. Aryan was confident that she would tell them everything. She said they don’t have time. They are in the VR mansion. She said at home that they are going out for urgent work. If they don’t return soon, then Anupriya and Ridhima will have doubts about them. Sejal heard VR mansion and thinks she’s close to Ridhima and she screamed Ridhima. Her voice went through a pipe and to Ridhima’s bathroom sink. Ridhima was in the bathroom and was able to hear her.

Ridhima came to the basement to find Sejal. Kabir also came to the VR mansion as a worker……Read more