Ishani Goes Gaga And Chops Angre. Till Love Do Us Part 23 May 2022, Monday Pt2: Episode 266


The Episode started with Vyom giving the evidence to Ajay. He said Vansh and his family should get jailed for at least 40 years. Ajay asked how did you know the evidences were missing. Vyom said you messaged me. Ajay asked did I. Ishani recorded them and said what an interesting revelation. Vansh clapped and thanked Ishani. He said the police will be coming, your planning was good, but it failed. He said Vyom will be going to jail for planting drugs in my hotel, what about you, you were caught taking bribe and now drugs, wait a min. He showed the video and scared Ajay. Ajay said I am innocent, I agreed to Vyom, he threatened to kill my mum and dad. Vansh said I understand about him, what about you Vyom, hunter got huntered, the police is looking for you for Kiara’s murder, your future looks dark and Vyom left. Vansh said when the enemy runs away, it means he has accepted the defeat. Vansh asked Ajay to report to the office that nothing was found in the VR hotel. Ajay said you are a genius, you saved my job and my life also, thanks. Dadi said excellent job Vansh. Vansh said we all did it and he hugged Dadi and Ishani. He said Ishani and you helped a lot, if family is together, then any problem becomes easy and Dadi smiled.

Ishani went to Angre and hugged him. Angre asked how did you come here, where did they go. Vansh said they will never come back. Ishani said Vansh had made them cry and left and Vansh went away. Ishani and Angre hugged and said, I missed you. He said I can do anything for you. She asked did you say you love me. He said no, tell me how much you cried and missed me. She said high hopes, why do you think I cried for you, never, I really missed you and they hugged.

Vansh said checkmate Vyom…. He then sent an audio message to Riddhima and he got a call from her. He said I was trying to call you. She said Vansh… He asked why do you sound worried. He called her and her number was off. He then called the hotel number. He asked the lady to connect him to Riddhima. He said what do you mean, there is no booking. He called the doctor and asked for Riddhima. He asked what, she left, at what time, okay…

He thinks of Riddhima. Vansh then got a threatening message. He became shocked and called on that number. He said how dare you kidnap my wife, pick up, damn, it’s switched off. Ishani came to Angre, romanced him and he complimented her. They then got intimate.

He said it’s Vansh’s voice, why is he screaming. She said maybe Vansh and Riddhima fought, he isn’t calling you, wait. Vansh then shouted Angre. Angre said sorry Ishani, I have to go. Ishani said Vansh can’t see anyone’s happiness. Vansh said Riddhima is missing and Dadi asked who?. Vansh said Riddhima, she went to the gynac for her regular checkup, I had made her booking at another hotel, she has not reached there, she is missing and Ishani taunted him. She said if she is missing, then it’s not our mistake, she is a free bird. He said shut up, Riddhima has been kidnapped. Ishani said not again and Vansh became angry at her.

Aryan asked what wrong did Ishani say, Riddhima always created a trouble for us, we saved Angre, this would have not happened if Riddhima is here, it’s a blessing that she isn’t here, it’s better if we don’t find her. Vansh slapped Aryan and asked how dare you, does anybody else want to say something against Riddhima. Aryan said I will go and get a drink. Vansh asked him to get lost. Angre said don’t worry, we will find her, calm down, did the kidnapper say something. Vansh said he said he will kill her before morning. Angre asked what’s his demand. Vansh said he has no demand. Angre said Vyom. Vansh said it can be him. Dadi thinks if Vansh goes to Vyom, then Vyom can tell my secret in anger, I have to stop Vansh. She said he got lost, he won’t do this.

Angre said he will try to pressurize us. Vansh said I will kill him, I can’t stop, Riddhima’s life is in danger. Dadi said it’s his plan to kill you. Dadi asked him not to go. Vansh said Riddhima is an important part of my life, she is my wife, her safety is my responsibility, don’t come between. Vansh and Angre left. Vansh asked Angre to search for any clue and he left. He talked to Angre on a call and explained to him again. He then saw Riddhima’s necklace. He said I will call you back. He said it’s Riddhima’s, I gifted this to her, it means she came here. He got a piece of cloth of her dress. He said it’s a piece of Riddhima’s dress.

Vansh fought with Vyom. Sara said it’s 7 now, you have half an hour now, you will hear Vansh’s scream next. Riddhima was in captive and Vansh came there. Sara looked on while she aimed at Vansh and Riddhima shouted Vansh….Read more

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