Vansh Falls In Love With Roy. Till Love Do Us Part 24 June 2022, Friday Pt1: Episode 308


The Episode started with Riddhima thinking to teach a lesson to Aryan and Chanchal and she went downstairs. Chanchal got a call and hid seeing Riddhima/Roy behaving weird. Riddhima said this silver coin, Lord show your power and make this silver turn gold, I have to eat this chilli now, she started eating the chilli and Chanchal looked on. Riddhima said my silver coin turned into gold. Chanchal asked how, it’s magic, I will find out. She stopped Riddhima and said I saw everything. Riddhima said my secret is out, you keep your tongue sealed.

Chanchal said you tell me this secret but Riddhima said no. Chanchal said I can do anything for gold. Riddhima said no one should know this. Chanchal said no one and Riddhima told him something. Chanchal said it means I have to take rounds around the tree and eat chillies.

Riddhima said yes, you will get gold, if the chilli is spicy, then gold will be so pure, 24 carat, no one should know it. Chanchal agreed to try it but on the other hand she was fooled and left. Riddhima then went to Vansh and he offered tea. She said it’s fine. Vansh said my neck is stiff, I will get a massage, are you interested in massage, we have some good masseurs in the resort, we can have fun, don’t you understand, I will make your booking also. Riddhima said no, I will give you a great shoulder massage, you don’t need to go anywhere.

Vansh liked the massage. He said your hands have magic, Roy, man to man, tell me, when you check out any girl, what do you see in her. She said her makeup, lipstick, dresses…. She thinks and said perfume, figure, everything, tell me about your wife. Vansh asked what do you want to know. She said I have heard that she is really pretty, intelligent, that she loves you a lot. Vansh said Roy, what shall I tell you, my wife is like a regular wives, boring, nagging. She angrily did the massage and he smiled. He said leave it, do you dance with your wife. Riddhima said no, I don’t know how to dance. Vansh said I will teach you but she said I don’t want to learn. He pulled her and danced. She said you dance with your wife also.

He said my wife doesn’t know how to dance, she knows nothing. She said I have heard a lot. He said i don’t know who spreads these rumours, I will tell you, man to man, she doesn’t have that spark, salt. She asked salt and he said dal Chawal. She asked what. He said men have some fantasies, their wives can’t fulfill it, when there is so much variety in the world, then one has to go out to fulfill it. She asked what’s your fantasy and he told her.

She went and called Siya. Siya asked what happened, why are you so angry. Riddhima said don’t ask me, your drama made me know everything, what Vansh thinks of it, I don’t have the spark. Siya said no, you are good. Riddhima said Vansh said I lack the charm. Siya said he would be joking. Riddhima said no, he was making fun of me, he called me Dal chawal, he said wives stay happy by fake praise. Siya said he shouldn’t do this.

Riddhima said he wanted a female masseur, I will see him. Siya said you go and tell him, end this game. Riddhima said no, I will show him, this game just started, you won’t tell anything, I will show him my charm tonight. Chanchal was also eating chillies to get gold. Aryan and Ishani came there and Ishani laughed at her.

Aryan asked what are you doing. Chanchal said we will get rich. Aryan asked will your silver turn into gold, who told you. Chanchal said Roy told me this trick, we will become rich, Ishani took the silver and the chillies as well. Aryan said you will go to the hospital. Ishani said we asked her to keep an eye on Roy, he is clever. Chanchal said I saw him turning silver to gold, we will also get rich. Aryan asked really, lets see.

Chanchal asked why are you doing it now. Aryan got the coins and said its your silver and Chanchal scolded him. He said stop it, he fooled you. Ishani asked Chanchal to look at her state and she run to get water. Ishani said Aryan, we have to see that Roy and expose him. Riddhima came to Vansh and he saw her wearing a shirt dress.

Riddhima said I want to learn everything for you, I feel you may get bored, I want to love you in a new way. Vansh said I just want your love and he kissed her. He said you are okay the way you are, you have much charm…Read more

Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
Gershon Sogbokey(CrownAngel)
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