Vansh Shocks His Family After He Falls & Dies. Till Love Do Us Part 26 January 2022, Wednesday Pt2: Episode 113

vansh is gone


The Episode started with Riddhima crying for Vansh. She shouted how did you let this happen, God… Kabir thinks don’t get God in between, give some credit to me. Riddhima said Vansh didn’t do anything wrong, how did wrong happen with him, Vansh you can’t leave me. Kabir held her. She said don’t touch me, Vansh died because of me. He asked what are you saying?” She said you killed him. She beats him with a stick. He asked what are you doing, calm down. Riddhima got his muffler and cried. She recalled Vansh and she walked away from there.

Dadi and everyone came home. Chanchal said you didn’t let me go to the fair. Dadi said I felt restless there, something bad had happened, Siya and Anupriya, Vansh and Riddhima didn’t come, why is it darkness here. Angre went to check. Ishani asked Dadi to come and the lights came. Dadi asked Anupriya why are you wearing such clothes. She saw Vansh’s pic with garlands and she was shocked. She cried and shouted Vansh and everyone was shocked. Dadi said no, this can’t happen.

Anupriya thinks the plan was successful, just see what happens. Riddhima came home. She thinks how will I tell this to the family. She cried and recalled Dadi’s words. She said how will I explain to Dadi, I can’t tell them. Ishani held her hand and took her inside. Riddhima saw Vansh’s pic with garlands. Dadi asked how did this happen. Dadi asked how did you fail this time, Riddhima?” Riddhima cried and said I tried a lot Dadi, but I lost Vansh’s life from my hands, I couldn’t save him. She hugged Dadi and Anupriya smiled.

Anupriya said I told them the truth, Vansh and I fought the goons’ gang, Vansh didn’t get caught and ran away, I tried to stop them, his car got out of control and fell into the cliff. Riddhima was shocked. She thinks why is she lying. Anupriya said Siya attended the call, Siya ran to reach the place and fell down the stairs. Riddhima asked Siya met with an accident. Anupriya said Siya is in the hospital, her condition is critical, everything got ruined in a day. Ishani asked Angre didn’t he know, Vansh used to share everything with him, why couldn’t he save Vansh, how did Vansh die. Dadi said Vansh took care of the entire family, he protected us, he used to stand as a shield, why did this happen to him.

Riddhima went to Anupriya and asked why did you lie. Anupriya asked what could I say, he was arrested for Ragini’s murder, he ran and got killed. Riddhima said he didn’t kill Ragini. Anupriya said I lied for Vansh’s good, such lie is equal to 100 truth, if you think you should tell them the truth, go and tell them, remember one thing, Vansh was like a Devta for him, it depends on you, you want to make him fall in everyone’s life, will his family remember him like a criminal who got shot by the police, or a grandson whom his Dadi loved.

I can’t see Dadi shattered, who knows her will to live ends after knowing this truth. Riddhima asked what are you saying?” Anupriya said Vansh was not less than a hero for me, I want to remember him like that, enough. Riddhima sat crying. She came to the room and recalled Vansh. She imagined him and shouted. She hugged his pic,cried and she slept off. Ishani came to stab her. Dadi came there, she stopped Ishani and slapped her.

She asked have you lost your mind, Vansh’s pyre didn’t burn, you want to kill his wife. Ishani said I wanted to get justice for Vansh by killing his murderer, you won’t believe it, she is connected to his death, Vansh died because of her. Dadi said Anupriya told us everything, Riddhima is innocent, Vansh sacrificed his life for us, you want to kill his wife, don’t do this again, come with me. She took Ishani with her. Riddhima thinks I can’t tell them the truth, I can’t hurt them more. Kabir and Mishra came. Riddhima came downstairs. Kabir saw Angre and Anupriya came. She said I spoke to the commissioner, he won’t let that incident come out. Everyone came there. Kabir said really sorry, we didn’t get Vansh’s body on that cliff. She asked what. He said he fell from a much higher height, maybe any wild animal has….. Dadi cried. Aryan and Angre took her.

Kabir smiled and greeted Vansh. He thinks I have ended your game finally. Riddhima stopped him from touching the pic.She held Kabir’s hand and took him out. She thinks you killed my Vansh, I will never forgive you. She asked him to get out. He asked her to listen once. She said don’t act good, I know you arrested Vansh as I loved him. He said Vansh’s story is over now, you can return to me if you want, Riddhima. She said not Riddhima, Riddhima Vansh Rai Singhania.

Mishra said we didn’t get Vansh’s body. Someone was seen dragging a body. Kabir said we don’t know where his body went while then, someone was burning the body….Read more